Key Technologies for Business

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Offered by IBM. Get Ahead with Key Business Technologies. Gain Foundational Understanding of Key Technologies Driving Modern Businesses Enroll for free.

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Taught by
Rav Ahuja
Global Program Director
and 9 more instructors

Offered by

This specialization includes these 3 courses.

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r/industrialengineering • post
3 points • oHuSsEiNx
Anyone took any of these courses form Coursera ??

I will be able to take one of these courses from Coursera on a discount, I'm an industrial engineering student and need some feedback if anyone took any of these courses, which one of these courses are beneficial and actually valuable?

1- Key Technologies for business (IBM)

2- Supply chain management (Rutgers)

3- Six sigma yellow belt (University system of Georgia)

4- Project Management principles and practices (University of California, Irvine)

From all of these supply chain management and yellow six sigma seems the most beneficial in terms of depth of content, the key technologies for business course seems to offer pretty basic knowledge and foundations. Would appreciate the feedback.