Architecting with Google Compute Engine

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This specialization includes these 1 courses.

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r/googlecloud • comment
2 points • manuelr93

I found really comprehensive the Coursera course, have you take a look at it?

r/sysadmin • comment
2 points • el_pinata

I hope Google parlays this into a whole series. I'd take a Google Kubernetes course.

Edit: It exists

r/GCP • comment
1 points • lassehjorth

Your questions is more related to dockerizing then actual Kubernetes (Kubernetes “just” orchastrates your containers - if they can run locally - they can 99,999% run in Kubernetes).

Spend some time learning the basics of docker - before you actually go with Kubernetes or similar - it makes better sense to know what you are orchestrating.

Get a proof of concept running on any Linux/Mac machine - or maybe even docker for Windows on your laptop - then you can see it working - and then you can start making it work in Kubernetes (deploy it).

The amount of traffic isn’t really an argument to run Kubernetes. Kubernetes imo is good if you need a lot of images/containers running.

If you only have frontend and backend - this might as well run on one or more Compute instances or even cloud run/App Engine - depending on the redundancy you need.

Kubernetes is nice - but it also comes with some overhead.

I recently started working with GCP (many years working with other stuff - Linux/AWS/Nomad/Docker etc.) and finished the Cloud Associate Exam this thursday.

I have taken the course “Architecting with Compute Engine” on

Its pretty trivial - but has a lot of good exercises, labs and information - and will give you some different ideas on how you can run your Application.

r/googlecloud • post
4 points • Joe10184
Google ACE Certification

I'm taking this exam in two weeks. I just want to ensure I'm not missing anything. Also have hands on experience for about 10 months now.

Read the official book:

Took the coursera training/all labs associated:

Plan on taking the official practice test, two practice tests from the official book, and the linux academy practice test.

Any other tips or tricks anyone recommend? Heard the a cloud guru videos are pretty good, might skip through that on like 1.5 speed.



r/Cloud • post
6 points • johnreese421
GCP : Associate Cloud Engineer 4 weeks preparation

hello all.

I am planning 1 month preparation (( enough or is it too much ? )) for getting the GCP : Associate Cloud Engineer ( )

  1. Coursera : Architecting with GCP Specialization course (( 6 courses in this specialization))
  2. Linux Academy : Google Cloud Certified Assoicate Cloud Engineer course. (( 8 and half hrs course ))

My preparation courses link:


are these materials sufficient enough for passing the GCP: Associate Cloud Engineer certification exam?

Any other materials/courses do you suggest guys?

Any kind of help /suggestions/ ideas do let me know please.

r/googlecloud • comment
1 points • amroberto

I'm preparing myself for the GCP architect exam and I've found these resources useful

Good Luck

r/googlecloud • comment
1 points • oomti

There are much more courses in Coursera related to GCP and relevant to the exam, as for the exam you will have to be able to select good responses in questions related to how to deploy and manage cloud solutions on GCE.

I recommend taking Cloud Engineering with Google Cloud Professional Certificate, I`m doing these courses now, and the course you have finished is part of this certificate.
Other certificates worth doing on Coursera platform related to ACE cert:
Architecting with Google Compute Engine Specialization

If you have a subscription on Qwiklabs, you can take Labs/Challenges/Quests/Courses there as well.
I found many of the labs are enjoyable, and learned a lot from them, while providing a state of the art knowledge.

Following the basic cloud documentation, there are many tutorials and example business cases to try out as well.

Basically, if you start exploring the sites you already use, you will find much more resources at hand.

If you are looking for other resources,

there is a repository created by sathishvj:


I have signed up on the Udemy courses, but I mainly study from Qwiklabs and Coursera, as they are managed/in partnership with Google, and discounts were available, but I think it worths to pay for the content provided, if you can.