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Cloud Data Engineer

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Offered by Google Cloud. Advance your career in data engineering Enroll for free.

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Google Cloud Training

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Google Cloud

This professional-certificate includes these 2 courses.

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r/dataengineering • comment
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r/dataengineering • comment
1 points • gato_felix_br

Actually, I would suggest the Qwiklabs in the Data Engineering Professional certificate from Google Cloud in Coursera:

The labs provided in the training are really great (better than those provided by Qwilabs directly) and the videos will give you a good theoretical background on all the concepts mentioned above.

I did it because of the labs, not because of the certificate though.

r/dataengineering • comment
1 points • knowledgebass

this one for data warehousing

this one for cloud data engineer

Have taken neither but I plan to...

r/learnmachinelearning • comment
1 points • DataNerd555


I don't know if you have the funds, but I would recommend checking out the data engineering nano-degree at udacity. If you apply during these times you can get a 40% discount because of COVID-19. This should give you the basics.


Long Version:

I think you made a good call with data engineering, this is a really good role and frankly not enough people are applying for this kind of job. Too many people are trying for data science which is getting very saturated, but data engineering has plenty of void that needs to be filled.

Your work experience as a bank teller and a VW sales representative are not tech, which is bad, but you need to tell your employer during the interview that it show cases that you understand the working environment, how to communicate and collaborate with others and all the rest of those soft skills.

As far as the degree goes, you don't really need more schooling. What you need is proven experience that you can get the job done. For that, you need to convince the employer. Most employers will evaluate you based on:

- experience (not an option in this case),

- interview challenges (totally possible to prepare) [go to leetcode or find practice data engineering interview questions online]

- past projects (totally possible to prepare). [udaccity, udemy, coursera, online]

Your best bet is to break into a company that will teach you and you pick up the skills and the title and grow from there. I don't know how much you have gotten your feet wet with data engineering, but I would do a few projects and certificate just to familiarize yourself and boost portfolio (unless you know of someone that would give you internship or job right off the bat, if that is the case place the experience as the top priority)/

- Udacity has a data engineering nanodegree

- GCP offers this certificate through coursera

- Specialization in coursera

Also a good tip that would be helpful for your to break into your first job is applying for startups (cause once you get that first data engineering job it becomes a lot easier,) Generally, startups have a much lower barrier to entry and frankly need data engineers too. They will take a chance on you more than big companies. Once your there, you will be getting very hands on and learning fast and after a year or so you have that title and proven record and can jump somewhere else.

Happy to talk more but would love thoughts.