Google Cloud Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals

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Offered by Google Cloud. This course introduces participants to the big data capabilities of Google Cloud. Through a combination of ... Enroll for free.

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Taught by
Google Cloud Training

and 13 more instructors

Offered by
Google Cloud

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r/personalfinance • comment
1 points • yamaha2000us

This course on was a great introduction that also had Google Cloud based Labs.

r/excel • comment
1 points • excelevator

Nice, lucky man.. I am getting into more interesting areas now with the Google Cloud Platform Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals course material on coursera.

Finally a well presented course with a decent presenter.

If you have any recommendations I am all ears!

r/datascience • comment
1 points • Terkala

They're under the Google Cloud Training subheader. They're all listed as free for Coursera (though Coursera itself may require a monthly subscription, which is like $50, depending on if you used your free trial month yet).

r/coursera • comment
0 points • DataFields

Hey! For example, this course:

it is listed on the "view qualifying courses" page ( and looks like a stand-alone course.

I do not understand how you can identify whether a course is a stand-alone one or not.

No, the T&C says that the ones that should be free for 180 days do not require a credit card. I do not want to provide the card to avoid unwanted charges, and will rather skip the courses completely.