Mind Control
Managing Your Mental Health During COVID-19

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Offered by University of Toronto. Never in the history of humanity have so many people been feeling intense anxiety related to COVID-19 and ... Enroll for free.

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Taught by
Steve Joordens
and 10 more instructors

Offered by
University of Toronto

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r/CoronavirusRelief • post
3 points • positivesource
Mind Control: Managing Your Mental Health During COVID-19 | A free course
r/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon • comment
2 points • Potikanda

Hi. So I'm not sure where you're from, bit I'd like to help at least a little, if I can.

I'm a facilitator for online learning,and there are a lot of courses being offered for free right now that help tackle mental health, as well as hobbies, career changes, parenting, pretty much anything you choose to do.

This is a link to coursera, an online website that can help you with registering for those courses.


Like I said, I don't know where you're from, and these courses are being offered primarily in Ontario, but if this link doesn't work, let me know and I'll do some research and see if I can find you something in your area.

I hope this helps, even a little bit, because your mental health is important to this random stranger over the internet.

Sending love and hugs and chocolate,


r/thebachelor • comment
1 points • justhangingout111

I posted about this in another comment. Here's a free course on managing mental health during covid. It talks about how to calm down physical symptoms. I'm halfway through and finding it incredibly helpful: https://www.coursera.org/learn/manage-health-covid-19

r/AskReddit • comment
1 points • amateurtreeclimber

Taking action on my anxiety by taking a free course online at Coursera. It so far is helpful in understanding the action and structure you need to help yourself deal with your Corona anxiety. This sounds like an infomercial for it, but really I’m just a person searching for a way to make things better, and found this recently. [Mind Control: Managing Your Mental Health During COVID-19](https://www.coursera.org/learn/manage-health-covid-19?] I’d highly recommend it, and you have nothing to lose trying it.

r/india • comment
1 points • BawasirBoy

There is a free course on Coursera regarding managing mental health. I would suggest people taking it.

Here's the link: https://www.coursera.org/learn/manage-health-covid-19

r/exjw • comment
1 points • Sigh_2_Sigh

You'll have the most success if you tackle issue of coping mechanisms and work on developing useful strategies to replace the destructive strategies. If you can't get access to a competent therapist, see what you can find online. Google 'coping strategies for anxiety', 'mindfulness meditation', 'cognitive behavioral therapy', etc. The following link is covid related, but the principles apply to any issue really.


r/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon • comment
1 points • shirleex

Hello friends, I know that the pandemic and the changes that have occurred as a result of it may be stressful and overwhelming. I just found out that one of my professors is offering a free course on Coursera on managing mental health in relation to the COVID19 outbreak. Signing up is completely free (no credit cards required), and you get access to everything as soon as you enroll. I hope this may be of help to some of your or others you may know (:

^(just a little disclaimer that I am in no way associated with Coursera or the prof but I thought that this may be of help to some. Prof. Joordens' rambling tend to be very chill and fun so it's not super intensive or anything. I hope this helps.)

r/AskLosAngeles • comment
3 points • ClementineJane

I would most certainly appreciate it, especially if it had resources for a spectrum of mental health needs and demographics. A lot of the resources I've seen have been geared more towards helping youth or the elderly, which is wonderful, but there's many working age adults grappling with new and overwhelming challenges.

I took a free class on Coursera that was beneficial: https://www.coursera.org/learn/manage-health-covid-19

r/BipolarReddit • comment
3 points • PunkRockMaestro

Check out this course

Mind Control: Managing Your Mental Health During COVID-19


Made by a professor at the University of Toronto

For me, I put on podcasts or audiobooks on light topics like the brain or history and work out by doing air squats, push ups, off my knees if im tired, so, it's kind of like going some place mentally, and getting a light workout. Sometimes the best are dynamic stretches, like the cat stretch or side stretches back and forth, whatever feels good do it.

r/coronabr • comment
3 points • R363lScum

A Universidade de Toronto tem um curso online gratuito sobre gerenciamento da saúde mental durante a pandemia. As video-aulas têm legendas em português. Talvez te ajude.



r/UTSC • comment
1 points • chicken_potato1
r/toronto • comment
1 points • evilqueenoftherealm

There is a new free class through Coursera that starts today on Managing Mental Health during Covid-19: https://www.coursera.org/learn/manage-health-covid-19? - by a UofT professor.

r/IWantToLearn • comment
5 points • Homey_Muse
r/Advice • comment
1 points • Arrow_of_my_Eye



Someone did an AMA on an email-based course regarding mental health and COVID.

Encourage her to get into a routine. It will help with her sleep, but it may also provide some comfort and stability. I'm a childcare worker and we always say that 'kids crave routine', but it's not actually something we grow out of.

It sucks that you are feeling this way, and it sucks that your mom is feeling this way. I wish the best of health and luck to your family.