Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies

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Below are the top discussions from Reddit that mention this online Coursera course from Princeton University.

To really understand what is special about Bitcoin, we need to understand how it works at a technical level.

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Taught by
Arvind Narayanan
Associate Professor
and 9 more instructors

Offered by
Princeton University

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r/CryptoCurrency • post
201 points • ccjunkiemonkey
Free 11 week Coursera video lecture series from Princeton on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technology. Educate yo'self.
r/learnprogramming • comment
115 points • grrrranimal

So here’s a suggestion to start

This is a pretty good, free lecture series about cryptocurrency and blockchain that also explores bitcoin as a case study. The lectures should be fairly accessible IMO for someone who has little programming knowledge. The assignments won’t be but it’s not like you have to do them to watch the videos

At least it should give a better technical understanding and maybe some hints on where to go next for you

r/Bitcoin • post
91 points • p660R
The Princeton Bitcoin Course has started!
r/Bitcoin • post
64 points • [deleted]
Guys this starts today make sure to enroll Coursera - Learn cryptocurrency


r/btc • post
53 points • chinawat
Princeton University's online Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies course starts Dec. 26 at Coursera
r/btc • post
47 points • mrloloattack
I'm taking Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies in September by Princeton University! via @coursera is FREE
r/CryptoCurrency • post
38 points • the1iplay
CryptoCurrency Course at Coursera Created by Princeton University
r/netsecstudents • post
36 points • wonderful_wonton
Coursera's Princeton Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies Course started yesterday
r/Bitcoin • post
35 points • Synchronizing
Coursera and Princeton University are currently offering a free course: 'Introduction to Crypto and Cryptocurrencies'
r/Bitcoin • post
33 points • verba_tim
Princeton Course On Bitcoin Starting Soon?

Does anyone know if the Princeton Coursera Course is starting in October?

link to course

r/EtherMining • post
29 points • gualdhar
Where can I find a more in-depth look at the technology behind Ethereum?

I'm trying to learn more about cryptocurrency, from a development standpoint as well as a user/miner standpoint. I've been looking around for some more in-depth discussions of the technology behind cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, but aside from a Coursera course someone posted here before everything I find is basically an idiots guide to mining.

Does anyone know of a resource that looks at cryptocurrency, and Ethereum specifically, from a more detailed perspective? Not just this magical money making scheme, but the actual tech that makes it work, and the economics that underpin it?

r/Bitcoin • post
28 points • erres
Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies by Princeton University starts on Dec. 26 at Coursera
r/altcoin • post
25 points • loobooloo
Princeton University shared a free course about blockchain & Bitcoin. The blockchain part is also interesting for altcoin holders / enthusiasts
r/Monero • post
15 points • xmr_eric
Princeton University's free online cryptography course is now open
r/pivx • post
14 points • turtleflax
Academic overview of Zerocoin and Zerocash technology
r/bitcoin_uncensored • post
10 points • buscamelachancleta
Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies by Princeton University free at Coursera.
r/garlicoin • post
9 points • MyDigitalPrint
ASIC Resistance, understanding what this phrase means. Short video for you guys wanting to understand.
r/Bitcoin • comment
9 points • CosmicHemorroid

Not sure if this is advanced enough for you but it's online and free.

r/NeutralCryptoTalk • post
8 points • LacticLlama
Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies Course | Coursera
r/ethereum • comment
8 points • laughing__cow

i would add this one as well (princeton). Their book covers both bitcoin and ethereum:

r/Bitcoin • post
7 points • Farouq11
Bitcoin online course

I just came across a free online course offered by Coursera focused on bitcoin and crypto in general! If your in this for the future enroll!

r/Futurology • comment
15 points • shadowrun456

Here are free online courses from Princeton University about how Bitcoin works (including mining):

r/chile • comment
6 points • the_chilean

Para quien le concierna, les dejo un curso de la U de Princeton gratuito y con subs. en inglés que habla de la técnica y ciencia del bitcoin y las criptomonedas en general. Es importante saber de qué se trata y cómo funciona antes de "arriesgarse".

r/btc • post
6 points • eragmus
Princeton University's Bitcoin Class on Coursera Has Officially Begun
r/Bitcoin • post
13 points • leftcode
What is your opinion on the 'bitcoin and cryptocurrency' coursera course? Any other recommended intro text/courses for cryptocurrencies/crypto?

I signed up for the coursera course in September ( and subsequently bought the book used in the course.

Looks like this course has been offered in the past. Has anyone taken it? If so, I'm interested in hearing your opinions.

I'm looking for a course that will introduce me to cryptography and cryptocurrency. Are there any others you guys would recommend?

Also, are these the series of videos from the course?

r/Bitcoin • post
6 points • djnicholson
Interesting lecture on how miners may be incentivized to misbehave (a few years old)
r/IWantToLearn • comment
6 points • kaninepete

Princeton, sorry

r/Bitcoin • comment
6 points • 2chainz1life

All of that comes from Princeton’s free course on Coursera:

r/CryptoCurrency • comment
6 points • Lucas_One

Here's the link to it:

r/ethtrader • comment
17 points • geardedandbearded

Great link for self study. Free PDF versions of Princeton's Crypto text and Andreas Antonopoulos's Mastering Bitcoin, as well as the syllabus for Berkeley's class so you can poke through stuff on your own.

Notably, Princeton's Crypto Coursera Course as well.

r/CryptoTechnology • comment
4 points • fourlinescopy

Not a book, but here's a "Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies" course by Princeton University - []

r/CryptoTechnology • comment
18 points • cipher-peon

The Princeton University Cryptocurrency coursera is a good free resource to understand the fundamentals:

B9Lab offers a (paid) ethereum developer course which goes over fundamentals as well but also dives into smart contact coding:

I’d be interested in finding other resources if anyone has any :)


Edit(s) - Here are some others that people have mentioned:

Consensys Academy -

Mastering Bitcoin -

r/btc • post
7 points • betoharres
I quit bitcoin after 2 years investing due high fee transactions and it was a relief.

Not only due the fee transaction, but also about the posts I've been seeing from the core, they are acting up like little kids.

I'm just a developer who loves cryptocurrency, and as you guys can see from my last posts here on reddit I got in a lot of trouble due the high fees market, I panicked thinking I wouldn't be able to retrieve my money back, so I paid $10 dolar fee to get out of this game.

After I paid that much of a fee, I got all my transactions confirmed, even the ones I was complaining here as you can see in my reddit. (Steam gave my money back in credit in the steam store due the double buy on the same game, thanks bitcoin...) Also, I'm not lying just to support some ideia here since I noticed there's a fight with another sub-reddit(/r/Bitcoin), I actually identified with this sub-reddit because here we talk about the problems.

You can check all my spendings, I used only one wallet(I know): It's not a lot of money, but it was something to me. And it's all gone anyway, I withdraw everything and sold in the bitcoin market. And I was so happy that I did. I'm not saying I won't be back, but I sure won't be while we still have this problem of high fees, ages to confirm a simple transaction, block size, etc..

Look, I want to love bitcoin, but things are not helping. I'll be doing acourse about cryptocurrency on the coursera to be able to know what I'm really doing next time, if anyone want to check it out too here's the link:

I'm looking into Ethereum right now, seems good project, but I won't invest until I have more knowledge about the topic, it was some scary and stressed days this week.

r/Blockchain_Accounting • post
3 points • clubnetball
Coursera MOOC on cryptocurrency
r/BitcoinBeginners • comment
3 points • MrKittenz

I'm assuming it is available to all. I skipped all the assignments because they are actual coding and I just wanted to learn about bitcoin. Good luck and I loved it!

r/CryptoCurrencyTrading • comment
3 points • shortmacherato

Hello! I can see your post loud and clear. A good place to start could be an online course such as one provided by Coursera. I am unnsure if it provides technical advice regarding training as I am completing only the second week:

Good luck!

r/litecoin • comment
3 points • d0nbart0

Start with an online introduction to computer programming course (Udemy is a good, inexpensive resource for tech courses). Coursera has a crypto currency course: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies | Princeton University But you’ll be in way over your head if you start with it.

r/DevelEire • comment
3 points • teerman

This one is free and covers all of the blockchain basics and more :

r/AskNYC • comment
3 points • scruffykid

How about this instead? Plus it's free!

r/CryptoCurrency • comment
3 points • MrKMcCall

Track some coins/projects you like. Read the white papers, check out the teams etc. Don't chase the pumps, buy on the dips. Avoid the scam shit. You'll learn the hard way, like pretty much everyone does, me thinks. I'd recommend this course as a general intro to crypto, it helped me quite a bit. Good luck bro and welcome to the party. Hold onto your ass.

r/programming • comment
10 points • qna1

Just want to that there are a few courses that are completely free still, the ones I am /have taking are Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies, Algorithms, Part I, and Algorithms, Part II, all of which are from Princeton University.

r/peercoin • comment
2 points • bluemooncrust8

Understanding how mining secures a network depends on a fair amount of knowledge on topics that aren't just computer related. This is a fairly good course which I can recommend to watch the videos to from Coursera.

With PoS it's similar to PoW on some aspects, but the economic and game theoreticals are a bit different. You are putting your coins at stake on the network to act as a miner, risking your coins security and in terms of undermining the network, your coins value, so you have an incentive to be righteous. Plus the usual, follow the longest chain for PoW, for PoS select the chain with the most coindays destroyed.

The actual PoS implementation isn't entirely as straight forward as the whitepaper suggests, there are more things it's coupled with if you want to fully understand the economics of the system. For example the flat 0.01 PPC/kB transaction fee which are destroyed instead of being used to incentivize miners to validate blocks. That's one of the things the 1% continued emission is for.

r/Bitcoin • comment
2 points • ZeusGodOfCrypto

That is a link to a free 11 week online course by Princeton University

r/coinmagi • post
2 points • earl3000
Coursera Course on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies
r/Bitcoin • comment
2 points • Niku-Man

You might consider an online course:

r/BitcoinDiscussion • comment
2 points • robertj180

Free course from Princeton on Coursera on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies

r/BlockChain • comment
2 points • dzsobacsi

It is a great course

r/CryptoCurrency • comment
2 points • thenakedsage

This is probably a good place to start:

r/LitecoinMarkets • comment
2 points • mister_teaaaa

Here's as good a place to start as any

r/Bitcoin • comment
2 points • vladimirus - very good intro to bitcoin and crypto in general, although a little bit dated