Business and Financial Modeling

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Below are the top discussions from Reddit that mention this online Coursera specialization from University of Pennsylvania.

Offered by University of Pennsylvania. Build Business and Financial Models. Use spreadsheet models to make data-driven financial decisions Enroll for free.

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Taught by
Richard Waterman
Professor of Statistics
and 17 more instructors

Offered by
University of Pennsylvania

This specialization includes these 2 courses.

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r/FinancialCareers • post
16 points • mpurd18
Can Google Sheets be used for Financial Modeling?

I'm very interested in taking this online course in Financial Modeling but only have a mac. Can I use Sheets or the mac version of Excel for this? The course description never mentions Excel, but rather "spreadsheet models, modeling techniques, and common applications for investment analysis, company valuation, forecasting, and more."


r/FinancialCareers • post
9 points • roadgame
Wharton Modeling Course Package at Coursera vs Wall Street Prep/others?

Hello! Quick background: I'm looking to develop some legitimate modeling and Excel skills. I was a finance major in college (top 50, semi target) and graduated May '15, but didn't do anything more than basic modeling in my classes. I unfortunately had to drop the only modeling intensive class I was in because my schedule was too overloaded, and I regret it. Despite a good internship at a top-tier bank in their wealth management division, I'm struggling to leave my crappy, non-business job. I'm looking for something to really add some pop to my resume.

On Coursera, there is a course run by UPenn on financial modeling. It seems very useful, even if I don't end up going into a field where modeling is used heavily. The cost is steep, though: $800. Wall Street Prep offers a similar course for about half that price. So the question is, which program is worth the time and money? I'd love to hear from someone who did either program, or any insight in general. If there are other Coursera courses that anyone suggests, not just for business but in general, I'd love to hear about them.


r/consulting • comment
4 points • JohnDoe_John

> Can someone get me started on understanding this?

Getting your first stable long-term client is more important.

r/investing • comment
1 points • MostlyPlastic

Paying tuition sucks... Especially if the course turns out to be terrible. I definitely can relate to that.

I never took the finance course you posted so I can't speak to it. Here are the Coursera courses that I took:

I feel like Coursera used to have really good free content but at some point switched to a paying model. Maybe I'm remembering it wrong though.

r/FinancialCareers • comment
1 points • sergiopestana

I've just found this specialization on Coursera. It looks very interesting to me.

r/statistics • comment
1 points • wuboo

I have no idea if Coursera will help you land a finance job but here is a course option

r/FinancialCareers • comment
1 points • DisastrousRub9

I'm Currently doing Business & Financial Modeling Specialization in Coursera provided by Wharton Online, I'm loving it so far. You can do it for free (Audit Option) and also can get certificates by applying for financial aid.

Here is the link of course,

Or, If you are considering some paid Courses and Certifications, FMVA by CFI is the best. I can vouch for it.

Thank you.

r/ProductManagement • comment
1 points • Blazus_the_legend

Hi first could you define what do you do as "Commercial PLM" ? I am more accustomed with Product Marketing Manager, meaning you will work with Marketing, sales.. Is that what you are referring ?

Second : Courses about "Product Management" have business cases, finance, analysis etc but ultimately targeted for the sucess of a product. However, if you really are focused on the finance/modelisation/business case, there maybe be dedicated courdes that are not necessarily Product management related.


  • Pragmatic Institute could be a good thing because each course is 1000 usd and you can select the modules that are relevant for you and your team. It is the gold standard in PM : They have a course just for pricing or how to launch a product and do organizational readiness as examples.

  • Coursera : a quick search and you can find courses on business cases and modeling like this one