How to Start Your Own Business

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Below are the top discussions from Reddit that mention this online Coursera specialization from Michigan State University.

Offered by Michigan State University. How to Start A Business. In this course you will actually start a business and demystify the business ... Enroll for free.

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Michigan State University

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r/Startup_Ideas • comment
1 points • overeasyeggplant

  1. Yes, of course you can start a price comparison site of your own. It doesn't matter that someone had the idea before you. Amazon was not the first person to sell books online - they were just the best.

  2. I like coursera -

but there are lots of options out there for you.

Before you put lots of time and money make sure to do a 'SWOT' analysis of the market.

It's important for you to identify - your advantage - why are you better than the competition? Cheaper? Quicker?

It is also important to figure out how much this is all going to cost and if you can afford it.

r/ABoringDystopia • comment
0 points • Bacarruda

>I’ll gladly hold up the DPRK as a success story

So malnutrition, failing infrastructure, a flatlined economy, parasites that affect elite North Korean, but are history in South Korea, gulags and torture, and the like are "successes" now?

And don't try "they've been successful in spite of the sanctions" line of reasoning. The most cynical estimates of sanction effects don't come close to explaining all the regime's economic problems. Furthermore, the economic timelines don't support the "it's all the sanctions" theory: the DPRK's economy was in the crapper long before the nuclear sanctions went into effect. And even if the economy was rosy, there's still the issue of torture, gulags, and purges.

Speaking from firsthand experience as someone who has visited both places and met plenty of North and South Koreans, the DPRK isn't a defensible regime. It just isn't. So if you're going to uphold North Korea as an example of what to do, we're so far apart that any kind of productive exchange just isn't possible. The blinders you're wearing are just too big.

If you have some time, go read the full text of the UN report I linked earlier. It may give you some additional perspective. I'd also encourage you to take a business course or two (I've enjoyed this one. You seem to care deeply about economic issues and I think exploring another point of view might be of value to you. I know it was for me.