Foundations of Marketing Analytics

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Offered by Emory University. Inform Decision Making with Marketing Analytics. Leverage data and analytics to drive managerial decisions and ... Enroll for free.

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Taught by
David Schweidel
Associate Professor of Marketing
and 11 more instructors

Offered by
Emory University

This specialization includes these 1 courses.

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r/learnmachinelearning • comment
1 points • abrazodetry

I've found this (free) book very useful: Introduction to Algorithmic Marketing.

There is also a 6-course Specialization on Coursera you can audit for free here: Foundations of Marketing Analytics Specialization.

Hope it helps, good luck!

r/marketing • comment
1 points • iRoost

Hey, I think I'm in a sort of similar situation, I recently finished my bachelor in Communications and after taking an analytics course, realized that I wanted to go into marketing research/analytics.

Here's my point of view from several months of exploring different avenues to get to the career that I want:

  • I can go back to school for a one year post-graduate certificate, where I will be taught theory and most likely will have to do a 4 months work placement of some sort where I'm not guaranty to actually learn or gain experience + there is the cost of the education (I don't know what your situation is, but in my case it's even more expensive because I am considered an international student).
  • I find an internship on my own, in a company in which I share the same values with and know would be the perfect learning environment for me, plus there is an opportunity to grow. After that, once you get the internship, work your hardest to show that you want it and you're good at it. Now while doing that, never stop learning about marketing and reading marketing and business intelligence blogs or articles, as well as practice your excel skills if you can. I really feel like the hardest part here is to get your foot through the door. You do have a business background tho, so it should be easier to find an entry-level position or internship in marketing.

I feel like everything you would be learning from degree or certificate where you physically have to go to class would be the same as taking a Coursera or a certification from DMA.

I just found this book too, it's really useful if you want to refresh your memory about excel and see how you can use it for marketing.