Investment and Portfolio Management

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Offered by Rice University. Build a Winning Investment Portfolio. Improve your investment strategies with real-world skills, insights, and ... Enroll for free.

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Taught by
Arzu Ozoguz
Finance Faculty
and 7 more instructors

Offered by
Rice University

This specialization includes these 2 courses.

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r/investing • post
14 points • prematurepost
Free investing courses on Coursera (starting today)

I figured some of you might also be interested in these courses.

Investment and Portfolio Management Specialization

Build a Winning Investment Portfolio. Improve your investment strategies with real-world skills, insights, and analytical tools.

Regarding the cost, here's what Coursera says:

You can explore lectures and non-graded material for free.

Prices shown reflect the cost for the complete course experience, including graded assignments and certificates

Financial aid is available for learners who qualify

Here's an article providing more info about enrolling and fees.

r/investing • comment
2 points • voroninp

Well, I started the first one from this specialization and I liked it. At least I liked the lecturer.

r/investing • comment
1 points • JanVicious

Thanks for your response. I try to learn every single day, but as I do not have enough time to enroll in a serious portfolio selection or risk management program, I can simply read the books I keep ordering from amazon, still, it's difficult to catch up against guys which have been studying financial advisory for years.

Any recommendation in maximizing my learning other than with books? I am thinking of starting this coursera online course

r/InvestmentEducation • comment
1 points • TechnicallyHumanoid
r/AskReddit • comment
1 points • ButtholeBanquets

The Khan Academy videos are great. There are others as well.

One specifically tailored to young adults through the University of Illinois:

Investment and Portfolio Management from Rice University

Personal and Family financial planning from the University of Florida

r/CanadianInvestor • comment
1 points • Aeralize

That's good -- it's an approach I take on Questrade too since they don't charge trading fees for buying ETFs. As you buy, you can rebalance to your portfolio weightings. The other thing that may pop up is wide spread between bid/ask price, especially for low volume ETFs, but I think most of yours are quite established -- with TEC building its volume too. I like that you have the 'dials' to weight certain sectors/regions as the economy unfolds. I have a slight bias towards including some bond and gold weighting in a portfolio. I think to evaluate your weightings for growth vs. diversification -- consider looking into the factor exposure of your portfolio. Ben Felix has a good introductory paper on it here:

If you want to take a deep dive, has great tools to investigate factor exposure and correlations between your etfs -- with the caution that backtesting is only as good as the data you put into it. At the very least you can explore what it looks like to swap out various etfs. If you need some background, Coursera has a portfolio course that makes use of that website:

r/Paraguay • comment
1 points • AwkwardCartoon93

Muchas gracias a todos por sus comentarios y consejos! Interactive Brokers parece una opción bastante interesante, me gustaría entender mejor sobre los conceptos antes de adentrarme en eso, encontré algunos cursos cortos y gratuitos en Coursera, y pienso tomarlos, les dejo la info por si les interese:

1 - Investment and Portfolio Management Specialization / Rice University

2 – Investment Risk Management / Coursera Project Network


3 – Introduction to portfolio construction and analysis with Python / EDHEC Business School