Health Information Literacy for Data Analytics

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Offered by University of California, Davis. Launch Your Data Science Career in Healthcare. Transfer your data analysis skills to the complex ... Enroll for free.

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Offered by
University of California, Davis

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r/actuary • comment
2 points • cosmoen

What is your opinion on this course, as a 4-month endeavor? Worth it?

r/BusinessIntelligence • comment
1 points • grey_eeyore

thanks for your reply :)

my experience is mostly as an higher ed and corporate trainer. i have the presentation skills.

i could use more domain knowledge. despite working healthcare for three years, and have decided to get additional exposure to healthcare analytics from this course Health Information Literacy for Data Analytics Specialization

so i see the equation as tech skills + domain knowledge + presentation/story (soft skills)

i feel strong in the 3rd. domain knowledge will improve from coursework.

having been away from it for a few years, i want to get the tech right and am trying to gage how receptive the healthcare field will be to someone like me.