Game Design
Art and Concepts

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Below are the top discussions from Reddit that mention this online Coursera specialization from California Institute of the Arts.

Stemming from the principles of storytelling and design established in CalArts’ renowned Animation programs, this Specialization lays a primary foundation for experimentation and exploration of video game design, story, character development, and winning gameplay before programming begins.

Interactive Storytelling Game Design Document Video Game Design Game Design Video Game Development Gameplay Level Design Art

Accessible for free. Completion certificates are offered.

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Taught by
Fran Krause
Faculty, Character Animation
and 2 more instructors

Offered by
California Institute of the Arts

This specialization includes these 5 courses.

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r/gamedesign • post
45 points • Eclipse1agg
PSA: Want to learn Game Design but don't know where to start? There are tons of free online courses out there

I was a heavy online courses user back on its day when Coursera, EdX and Udacity launched. Recently I revisited those sites to see if there was any new courses I could be interested in.

One of the things that surprised me was the number of courses, or even whole specialties about game development and game design that are there. Some examples are

They are completely free and very easy to consume. If you are an aficionado and looking to get into game design, but don't know where to begin, these could be a nice starting point.

As a caveat, I can't vow for the quality of all of these courses. I checked out a couple of them and the quality differs quite a lot. Still, probably worth checking out.

r/UTGDDC • post
1 points • MigMigg
Game design/development Coursera courses

There are a couple sets of Coursera courses being offered by CalArts and Michigan State through Coursera. They are described here but you don't need to pay to sign up for them.

r/gamedev • post
0 points • AkulBIG
I would like some advice, as I enter the dangerous path of game development.

Hi my name is Luca and I have dropped out of an IT college degree in Spain, I grew tired of learning things and skill catered to a different industry than one i'm pursuing, the video games industry. I believe I have basic knowledge of how game development works ,what tools are used for it and what skills are needed. But I would like some guidance and advice on what things I should pursue.

I'm currently looking to enroll on a private college degree in ESNE Madrid which is well regarded with the Spanish devs which I have spoken with, but starts in september, I dont have a high enough grade to get into the only public game dev college course, so Im gonna have to pay for this one.

I'm working a low paying job at a computer store currently and find myself with free hours every day 10 at least, so im looking to start on online course that would give me some basis, seemed like a safe bet for quality courses, but before putting any money into it id like to know some opinions.

This course by calarts is my first choice, but this one by michigan state looks good too. Any other not too expensive not too long courses you might know about ill take a look!

Ive played around with unity, Unreal, blender and z-brush but never got anything tangible out of my time with them. I started to learn Java and C in college but didnt finish the basics. The area in which im most interested is 3D art, animation, sculpting and modelling.

I really appreciate you taking the time to give any tips!