Engineering Project Management

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Below are the top discussions from Reddit that mention this online Coursera specialization from Rice University.

Master strategies and tools to more effectively and successfully manage projects.

Planning Schedule Earned Value Management (EVMT) Project Management Procurement Project Charter Project Planning Risk Management Plan Project Risk Management

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Taught by
Tom Phalen
Lecturer in Engineering Leadership, PMP
and 1 more instructor

Offered by
Rice University

This specialization includes these 1 courses.

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r/pmp • post
19 points • lunarcaveman
Passed AT/AT/AT/T/AT - Advice for Free/Fast PDU's?

I just passed this morning! Thanks to this subreddit, lots of good information.

Run down:

  • -I started taking the Engineering Project Management Specialization on Coursera in 2017, before this never considered the PMP. The course provided a lot insight from an engineering perspective for large projects. The peer graded assignments were great too. Sometimes you were marking assignments submitted by actually project managers and got to see their approach. Link:
  • When it was done, I signed up for the Joseph Phillips Udemy course. For $10 I just wanted to see what the PMP was about and learn more. This then turned into a personal challenge, however my study was on and off, with no real deadline. I went through this a second time just listening to the audio during my commute when I started studying. Did all questions.
  • I put together my application one evening in October 2018 after procrastinating and did it all in one sitting....and was selected for an audit. By November I was approved and with still no real study plan, I paid the fee so I had money on the line.
  • After this, I used the following other sources to supplement my learning:
  • PMP Exam Prep Simplified by Andrew Ramdayal
    • A great book that really trims alot of the meat away and makes it quick to get through. Good read after you have gone through a course as it does skip allot of details and and focuses on the main highlights rather than repeating the same things. The questions in this book are really good and really close to the exam, however I noticed similarities with other book with some questions.
    • Tip, don't buy this together and the authors practice question book, the questions are the same. I ended up returning the question book. So if you only need questions, go for his practice questions.
    • Link:
  • PMP Study Guide by Joseph Phillips
  • Ritas Book
    • Got this off someone, glad I didn't pay for it as it's long and dry. I did skim through it and did the questions.
  • Rita Audio Book
    • It's pretty much goes almost word by word from the book. As I have a long drive it was good to play to at least have something sink into my memory at a faster speed than reading.
  • Simple PMP by Phil Martin (Audible)
    • Again, something to listen. Was free with audible trial.
    • Dry, quit after Integration
  • PrepCast Simulator
    • Probably the best source. very pricey, however I found the questions just like the exam. The most valuable thing was it would describe the situation and explain why each question is correct, and wrong. Some sources would only describe why the correct answer is chosen. This was probably the top source in helping me think the PMI way for the exam.
  • My quizes in Rita and Andrews book ranged between 60-90%, and practice exams ranged from 70-80%. Eventually I caved in a booked it for the only weekend date that was available. I didn't take any days off work.
  • Overall I should have got the prepcast simulator earlier.


Anyone know of good free PDU sources that can be quickly obtained, by video or audio?


r/projectmanagement • comment
1 points • arvind_soni

Sorry,mate. I have assumed from the post that you have 5yrs of experience. My bad.

I want you to explore project management certification on Coursera

Much better option and affordable.