Data Visualization with Tableau

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Offered by University of California, Davis. Visualize Business Data with Tableau. Create powerful business intelligence reports Enroll for free.

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Offered by
University of California, Davis

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r/tableau • comment
5 points • bdviz

there is a 4 part free course on coursera that was very helpful

r/tableau • comment
2 points • LetsGoHawks

Coursera has a good introductory course. It teaches the basics of data visualization and Tableau. You can take it free. link

It's what I did, and while there are some theory parts they could have left out, overall it's pretty good at getting you going.

After that, you need to just start building some viz's.

r/dataisbeautiful • comment
1 points • ballade4

This is another great example of why pie charts are a poor visualization tool. The act of growing / emerging data labels "pushing" other categories around the pie does not accomplish any insight as of itself. The cognitive load of making our eyes chase each category around as it moves is utterly wasteful. I had to replay the chart several times to pull out relevant data points and am as of yet unclear on general timeframes of significant events which were one of your objectives to illustrate with the playback.

Use horizontal bars instead and supplement with a statistical measure such as MoM growth / decline factor on the bars. Also, making us hunt and peck thru the video for the key points is adding yet more cognitive load - missed opportunity to notate them off to the side somewhere.

Highly suggest that you check out this Coursera series - it is specifically focused on Tableau, however it also contains a wealth of general data viz best practices and knowledge tidbits throughout the course material. You can blow thru the entire thing in 20-30 hours if you are determined and focused.

r/tableau • comment
1 points • me-vnbr

I think cource era also has free enrollment

Check above link

r/marketing • comment
5 points • HipsterTeaLover

I worked as a data/AI consultant for a few years so I learned those tools on the job.



This is by no means an exhaustive list of data visualization courses, there are plenty online. Make sure to look through the syllabus and find the one that suits your needs best.

Good luck with your learning!!

r/dataanalysis • post
5 points • adrian4635
Recommendations for Coursera courses

In May I graduated with my Bachelors in Mathematics and want to pursue a career in data analytics. I took an Intro to Java course while I was in school. I want to do the self taught route using Coursera courses. Which Coursera courses do you recommend? I plan on taking the following courses

SQL - Databases and SQL for Data Science

Tableau - Data Visualization with Tableau Specialization

Excel - Introduction to Data Analysis Using Excel

Python - Python for Everybody Specialization

I want to take Coursera courses because I live in New York and Coursera was given for free for unemployed people. You can check it out here.

r/tableau • comment
1 points • ConwayPuder

Coursera has a few options for beginners up to power users. I took their fundamentals course a few years ago. I don't know what their pricing looks like anymore, but my company was pretty stingy and part of the reason it got approved is because it was $50/month for as many classes as you wanted to take.

Here's a link to their offerings:

r/learnprogramming • comment
1 points • turigomez

This specialization covers more basic tools and will give you a deep dive on analytics This one on visualization is great too. Check em out. It might take you 3 months to complete them both dedicating 1-2 hrs a day.

r/datascience • comment
1 points • prashant9321

r/BusinessIntelligence • comment
1 points • Leorisar

I can suggest 2 specializations on Coursera. These are paid specializations, but you can view each course in it for free.

The first is a very good is data modelling, SQL and the second is a good introduction to one of the BI tools - Tableau.

r/datascience • comment
1 points • anomalias

I am currently working as a financial auditor, and looking into changing career to data science (or data analyst). I have a bachelor's degree in Economics and Business Administration and a master's degree in Business Administration and Auditing.

I have taken some Python courses on Udemy (Jose Portilla) and Edx (MIT 6.00.1x), as well as some SQL courses. I would say im very comfortable in SQL, and decent at python. I am also very comfortable with math and statistics.

How do I showcase my skills in data science? I was thinking maybe making a personal website portfolio, and then have a section for python, a section for data science etc. In each section, let's take data science section as an example, I'll have a video of me analysing some random dataset from kaggle, cleaning it, and train test splitting it. In the python section I'll have some links to some github projects made in python (Hangman, a calculator, a to-do list etc).

Further more, I was thinking of taking these 3 specializations on coursera to supplement my lack of Data Science degree to put on my CV:

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

Deep Learning Specialization

Data Visualization with Tableau Specialization

I know coursera specilizations dont weigh as much as a real course taken in a university, but I am spending around 3 hours on these courses and projects in weekdays, and 6-8 in the weekend, but clueless how I show my dedication in learning this to a hiring firm.

I am following this roadmap: Data Science Roadmap on GitHub, and I am familiar with all the terms used here.

Would like some feedback on this plan, or if it's unrealistic changing career. My goal is to change career in approx 1.5 years time.

I can also add, that I've been thinking about enrolling in a Computer Science degree. I wont attend lectures, only exams (will still keep my full-time job as an auditor).

And yes, I am willing to throw away a personal life for a year or two. :)