Data Science at Scale

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Below are the top discussions from Reddit that mention this online Coursera specialization from University of Washington.

Learn scalable data management, evaluate big data technologies, and design effective visualizations.

Python Programming R Programming Mapreduce SQL Relational Algebra Random Forest Predictive Analytics Machine Learning Data Analysis Data Wrangling Statistics

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Taught by
Bill Howe
Director of Research
and 7 more instructors

Offered by
University of Washington

This specialization includes these 1 courses.

Reddit Posts and Comments

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r/MachineLearning • post
38 points • edomo
Don't forget that UW's Introduction to Data Science (Coursera) starts 5/1. An excellent concurrent complement to Andrew Ng's ML class.
r/BusinessIntelligence • post
20 points • zean3000
Coursera has a free Intro to Data Science course starting tomorrow
r/bigdata • post
17 points • bullwinkle2059
Advice on preparing for Big Data interview next Monday

I am working on my PhD in math with a research focus that is not remotely related to big data but have an internship interview next week and am trying to prepare for it. I have slowly been learning R and am reviewing the video lectures from a big data course ( They know my background isn't in big data but I still want to prepare as much as possible so they know I am serious. Do any of you guys have any advice on how I could best prepare over the next several days? All advice is appreciated.

Edit: They FINALLY got back to me. They don't have work now for me but might in the summer. I am now actively looking for an internship in the summer!

r/datascience • post
16 points • swayson
Introduction to Data Science - Free Course

Coursera now includes an introductory course for Data Science.
It will only start April 2013, by the looks of things.

Specific Topics: * Data modeling: relations, key-value, trees, graphs, images, text * Relational algebra and parallel query processing * NoSQL systems, key-value stores * Tradeoffs of SQL, NoSQL, and NewSQL systems * Algorithm design in Hadoop (and MapReduce in general) * Basic statistical analysis at scale: sampling, regression * Introduction to data mining: clustering, association rules, decision trees * Case studies in analytics: social networking, bioinformatics, text processing

r/codeblack • post
6 points • Mateus_0
Intro to Data Science - A pretty neat course on Coursera
r/Frugallearning • post
5 points • Maxcactus
Introduction to Data Science
r/compsci • post
2 points • [deleted]
Big Data?

I am a about to be a third year student at university in the US. I am completing my Bachelor's in CS and minor in Applied Statistics. I am hearing the talk of BigData (some said metaData). I have done research, found about noSQL and other things. This is a very interesting area for me. (side note found this and am planning on watching it this summer this * How many people have used/worked with big data in real life situations. > If you have could you give some insight on it? * Any advice on getting into Big Data?

r/codeblack • post
10 points • Audioburn
Forming a team for Kaggle competitions?

How many of you guys would be interested in forming a team for Kaggle competitions?

We could spend the next 5-8 months learning/reviewing data science and statistics/probability (and we could use this subreddit and our IRC channel as a means of communication).

The knowledge we gain (and maybe cash if we are good) from these competitions can not only help us start businesses and support each other, but the knowledge can also help us solve problems for our community. Also, it also might get us some notoriety so other like-minded people can join us.

What do you guys think?

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