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Below are the top discussions from Reddit that mention this online Coursera specialization from Wesleyan University.

This Specialization covers elements of three major creative writing genres: short story, narrative essay, and memoir.

Short Story Writing Fiction Writing Creativity Copy Editing

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Taught by
Brando Skyhorse
Visiting Assistant Professor of Creative Writing
and 22 more instructors

Offered by
Wesleyan University

This specialization includes these 5 courses.

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r/writing • post
116 points • scattergraymatter
Coursera will host Wesleyan's Creative Writing course starting February 9 - auditing is free.

This is actually a Specialization , but if you try to enroll through that page you won't get the "audit" option. View the individual courses if you wish to enroll as an auditor.

This is a new course, so I don't know what to expect in terms of quality. Auditors don't get graded, but I'm hoping to still get the peer review mechanic Coursera usually uses with free courses.

r/ToastCrumbs • post
9 points • awarmlightforall
Does anyone want to take this online creative writing course with me?
r/writing • comment
4 points • MinoAnon

Coursera has a very extensive Creative Writing course. It is paid but you can request financial assistance, which covers the whole course for free.

As others mentioned, Brandon Sanderson's lectures are great. I also recommend the book How Fiction Works by James Wood.

r/mexico • comment
3 points • emecampuzano

Este es buenísimo y empieza hoy en Coursera, gratis. Es de los mejores que he tomado. También en Stanford (aunque esos sí cuestan) hay unos excelentes que te dan escritores reconocidos y revisan tu trabajo.

r/writing • comment
2 points • Cata3232

I hadn’t written in a long time either. Take one of the Wesleyan creative writing specialization courses on Coursera. This truly helped me get back in the groove without feeling overwhelmed. The assignments had a very small word count. The small word count really brought my creativity out of hiding. So I always felt like I had a worthy piece without having to write a novel. The course is only free for the first week now (used to be totally free), but you can apply for a scholarship if you can’t afford it. The process is super simple and short. If you can pay, it’s worth every penny. I believe each course is only 5 weeks long. Best of all I really enjoyed doing every assignment. Check it out...

Thank you for asking this question. It reminded me how much I enjoyed doing the course. I’m going to sign up for the next one.

r/writing • post
2 points • ModestMale
Coursera Creative Writing Specialization
r/exmuslim • comment
3 points • TakingBackMyFreedom

I read the whole thing and I just want to say how inspired I am with your strength to get through all these years of abuse and mental illness. I am so sorry that the lottery of life put you in this situation. Things can only get better from here! Your writing skills can definitely improve. There are a lot of websites that give free courses. I did a little research and found 2 free course programs on creative writing that could fit your needs.

Check them out and I hope this helps! In the meantime, keep writing and maybe start an online blog like others suggested (it can be a private one too). I suggest checking out to start an online blog.

I wouldn't say I am in a similar situation because you've had a much harder life; but I am also dealing with overly possessive and religious parents. I am 23 year old Lebanese and as an Arab woman, it is really hard to be able to live freely of societal expectations. Although I did finish college and lived away from my parents while studying; they wanted me to come back and live with them (in Saudi Arabia). I don't share their beliefs and views on life and I can never meet their expectations.

I graduated last year and found a job in Beirut and an apartment. About a month ago, I came to visit them in Saudi Arabia for what was supposed to be a few days. They stole my passport and trapped me here. Now I am jobless, I lost my apartment and my boyfriend of 2 years is back in Beirut. My whole life just flipped upside down. Today my mom confiscated my phone because I tried to escape yesterday but I got caught. I do have a degree so it is easy for me to find a proper job if i manage to escape this hell hole, but Saudi Arabia has strict migration laws. and as a woman, my father is my guardian, which means he has to issue me an exit visa for me to be able to leave the country. and even if i go to my embassy to ask for a new passport, I won't be able to do that without a police report for a lost passport, and i cannot get that without my guardian present. basically I am treated as a minor by law here, although i am a grown ass woman who has an engineering degree and I'm not even Saudi.

I have been trying to look at my situation positively and to be honest I have had a lot of suicidal thoughts this month. I have been struggling with episodes of depression since I was a teenager; apart from my controlling possessive parents and society, my depression also relates to having experienced sexual abuse as a child from multiple family members.

Now my parents would never let me outside this country unless I am getting married. They are refusing to take me to a psychiatrist, although I do think I NEED to be on medication. I know you've had a bad experience with medication but if I at least get anti-anxiety pills only, wouldn't it make me feel better? what do you think about that?

r/IWantToLearn • comment
1 points • Haebak

I took this series of courses (free unless you want a certificate). It helped me a lot as a writer.

r/boyslove • comment
1 points • restfulsoftmachine

You may want to sign up for this Coursera specialization on creative writing. It's free to enroll and you might find the instructor videos useful. You only have to pay if you want to submit assignments, receive feedback, or get certificates.

I'd also encourage you to make a point of reading more fiction in general. Explore different authors (amateur and professional) and genres (beyond BL) so that you can enhance your writing and your literary standards.

r/writing • comment
1 points • spurnthepage

This is a really good course. Helpful and informative. The best part is the lessons get you writing and force you to try your hand at writing with a goal in mind and your peers evaluate it afterwards.

r/Blackfellas • comment
1 points • TekOg

Here check this out Free ..

Google is the top sponsor in conjunction with now top accredited schools in and out of the country. From Computers networks math writing etc etc. FREE ..

r/writing • comment
1 points • prince_robin

I was wondering about the same. I looked for some free Moocs on creative writing. I found one on FutureLearn - " Start Writing Fiction" and another in Coursera - " Creative Writing".


r/writing • comment
1 points • Cooldayla

Not sure what constitutes good... but if you want an actual online-based course with instructors who will read your shit and provide professional feedback try this:

You can pay by credit card from anywhere in the world. You will be mentored by published authors and you can work your way from a novice to novel writer in a couple of years. It's not too expensive - if you already have a job, i.e. you need to pay upfront.

You can go for cheaper courses through Coursera:

You are peer-assessed and in my opinion, does not make you a better writer as it's a bunch of amateurs criticising your work - so a lot more subjective.

r/writing • comment
1 points • prattleonboyo

Hi - you've got some really good stuff here, content wise, but before you worry about what is 'scary' you have to master the basics of English grammar. Not a dig, but if you're seriously considering writing, you'll need to be able to discern where one paragraph ends and another begins. That first page, man, it's not a run on sentence, per se, but it may as well have been because there is only 1 paragraph on that entire first page.

Suggest you have a look here ------>English Grammar 101

Secondly, and most importantly, you have mastered narrative expertly. You've really got a knack for describing scary stuff, but the thing with creative writing is to SHOW not tell. Now what does that mean? I've done a search for you and the results are here --------> Show, don't tell

If I were you, I'd be checking out the creative writing sites on the web - there are many to choose from. Secondly, I'd pick up an English language/grammar class and/or creative writing MOOC. A lot of them are free (audit the class) but if you have the spare jack, then you can pay some nominal amount for the verifiable cert of completion - that would help to prove you took the class and passed it. May even be able to impress colleges (assuming you're going that route). You can also apply for financial aid. Start with Coursera. It's very intuitive (user-friendly). I'm taking a creative writing class offered on that platform, currently, and getting a lot out of it. I'm also supplementing the class with independent research, as well, since there is no one-on-one with the instructor of a MOOC.

Coursera - Creative Writing Speciality

You're on the right track if you want to be a writer. Focus on English classes in HS. Try to pick up some AP stuff. Do anything you can to write -HS newspaper, yearbook, clubs, etc. If your school doesn't have any of that, it's OK because you can find all of it on the web. Start a blog. Whatever gets you writing. The best way to be a writer is to write. Everyday.

Good luck.

​PS: If you're interested, we can feedback each other's stuff. Contact me via the form on my website --->Contact PoB

r/Philippines • comment
1 points • -memento-mori

Maybe these courses can help?

one, two, three, four