System Issues in Cloud Computing

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Below are the top discussions from Reddit that mention this online Coursera specialization from Georgia Institute of Technology.

This specialization is a four-course sequence of hands on project-intensive immersive courses aimed at computer professionals to give them an in-depth experience in developing different layers of a Cloud computing infrastructure including software defined networks, distributed runtime systems, appli...

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Offered by
Georgia Institute of Technology

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r/OMSCS • comment
4 points • hikanron

Cloud computing is taught by the AOS prof, so you know it's going to be gnarly.

From the class website:


>There will be LITTLE to NO hand holding in the course. The course is intended for self-motivated students who are hungering for an immersion into system hacking.



Also, his website links to the coursera course, for anyone who wants to investigate more:

Sounds like this class is all 4 modules of the coursera thing.