Advanced Machine Learning on Google Cloud

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Offered by Google Cloud. Learn Advanced Machine Learning with Google Cloud. Build production-ready machine learning models with TensorFlow ... Enroll for free.

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Taught by
Google Cloud Training

and 13 more instructors

Offered by
Google Cloud

This specialization includes these 4 courses.

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Advanced Machine Learning Specialisations: NRU vs. Google?

I am interested in taking one of the Advanced Machine Learning specialisations on Coursera.

I have previously done Andrew Ng's ML and DL courses, Koller's PGM one and I use ML occasionally at work so I have some experience and would like to go beyond the basics.

I am trying to choose between these two:

The Google course has the benefit that it is using GCP which we use at work but I'm concerned it might be more of a sales pitch for Google's products rather than a great educational course. (I have seen some Google ML courses that were basically just showing you how to use Google's pre-trained models in your apps)

The NRU one has the downsides that I'm not sure of the quality of the course and perhaps it won't be as useful but at least they don't have an incentive to tie you into certain tools.

Has anyone taken any of these courses (or any similar) and can recommend/review them?