Advanced Data Science with IBM

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As a coursera certified specialization completer you will have a proven deep understanding on massive parallel data processing, data exploration and visualization, and advanced machine learning & deep learning.

Data Science Internet Of Things (IOT) Deep Learning Apache Spark Statistics Machine Learning Long Short-Term Memory (ISTM)

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Taught by
Romeo Kienzler
Chief Data Scientist, Course Lead
and 5 more instructors

Offered by

This specialization includes these 2 courses.

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r/learndatascience • comment
1 points • MicrotechAnalysis

r/datascience • comment
1 points • LukeSkyWal

@ herbertbailbonds

Considering that i work full time, it took me about 2-3 months by studying just a couple of nights per week. I had 0 experience too on Python, but i come from a CS master, while i have a super-solid sql background.

Just as a rough estimate, if you were to study full time it would take a couple of weeks to complete at most (8 hours/day).

As regards the career, if you really want to improve you should study This book, which is basically a deeper dive into the course arguments. After that you can either choose to stop an start making a couple of projects on your own to showoff your skill and improve in this directior, or dive into other subjects (like NLP and Neural Networks). In the end to answer your question: No, it did not improve my career, you need to study more :)

@ The_Real_BruceWayne

The course i'm talking about is This one


r/datascience • comment
1 points • parth2480

Just finished this ( ) data science course on Coursera.

Would the advanced data science course be something that I can actually benefit from or is it still too early for me to try?