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Top Machine Learning (ML) Algorithms Courses

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These are the top 5 Machine Learning (ML) Algorithms courses and offerings found from analyzing all discussions on Reddit that mention any Coursera course.

Machine Learning Course
Machine learning is the science of getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed.
Stanford University
Andrew Ng
9 reddit posts
1168 mentions
Practical Machine Learning Course
One of the most common tasks performed by data scientists and data analysts are prediction and machine learning.
Johns Hopkins University
Jeff Leek, PhD
0 reddit posts
20 mentions
Applied Machine Learning in Python Course
This course will introduce the learner to applied machine learning, focusing more on the techniques and methods than on the statistics behind these methods.
University of Michigan
Kevyn Collins-Thompson
0 reddit posts
12 mentions
Введение в машинное обучение Course
Не так давно получил распространение термин «большие данные», обозначивший новую прикладную область — поиск способов автоматического быстрого анализа огромных объёмов разнородной информации.
National Research University Higher School of Economics
Константин Вячеславович Воронцов
0 reddit posts
2 mentions
Applied Data Science with Python Specialization
The 5 courses in this University of Michigan specialization introduce learners to data science through the python programming language.
University of Michigan
Christopher Brooks
0 reddit posts
132 mentions