IBM z/OS Mainframe Practitioner

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Offered by IBM. Launch your career as an IBM z/OS Practitioner. Build skills in IBM Z, a platform used in the world's most critical businesses. Enroll for free.

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r/mainframe • post
9 points • nk2164
Found some courses on mainframe to share.

Was browsing coursera and found this course offered . How cool :) ...thought i'll share here.


Found another one in pluralsight as well .

r/mainframe • comment
1 points • xan-travels


It's the best online training I've found and includes remote access to an ISPF interface.

r/ITCareerQuestions • comment
1 points • VA_Network_Nerd

> I'm not sure really how to phrase this but, my question is, is the industry hurting enough to take an "off the street" IT guy and train them?

No, I don't think they would be super-excited about a zero-experience applicant.

But in your case it sounds like you have a fair sum of more traditional systems administration experience.

There are actually quite a few free(ish) educational resources out there in the wild to help you not be a zero-experience applicant.