IBM z/OS Mainframe Practitioner

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Below are the top discussions from Reddit that mention this online Coursera professional certificate from IBM.

This Professional Certificate is intended to provide the foundational skills required to launch a career in the enterprise platform that powers over 68% of worldwide transactions.

Linux Mainframe z systems security IBM Z z/OS Enterprise Software System Administration z/OS Commands Panels TSO SysOp

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r/mainframe • post
9 points • nk2164
Found some courses on mainframe to share.

Was browsing coursera and found this course offered . How cool :) ...thought i'll share here.


Found another one in pluralsight as well .

r/sysadmin • comment
1 points • VA_Network_Nerd

I googled "ibm mainframe training" and Google gave me over 4Million results.

Your Google-Fu seems weak.

Now, I suppose what you really want to do is skip all of this free training and just install zOS and poke around until you've figured out everything on your own.

You're right in that it's really difficult to access an actual mainframe to gather proper, practical, experience before getting a job.

But, here is a big thing for you to consider:

Employers who NEED mainframes KNOW their talent pool is retiring, and they SERIOUSLY want replacements.

If your resume were structured to highlight your focused efforts to prepare yourself for a mainframe job, I'm fairly confident it would be a significant boost for your employment chances.