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A growing number of exciting, well-paying jobs in today’s security industry do not require a college degree.

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r/cybersecurity • post
28 points • AdityaMishra314159
Online courses for Cyber Security

I found this course on Coursera by IBM on Cybersecurity.

Is this a good course or one of the good ones at least?

If anyone has tried it, please tell me if it's worth it.
Also, how long did it take a you to complete this course?

If there are better courses please recommend. If i should go for anything else , do recommend.

r/CompTIA • comment
1 points • mawster88

I’d have to find out as they just recently put certs on the list of items they would cover. What certification path would you recommend taking if I want to eventually get into Cyber security? I saw this course on Coursera that’s self paced but I’m not too sure if it covers what i need to know or if i should start with A+ then move from there

r/cybersecurity • comment
1 points • navyblade

This one particularly actually its a professional certificate IBM CYBERSECURITY analyst.

r/cybersecurity • comment
2 points • MP_j

YES - but certifications and training are a larger part of being competitive!

Here are some "Building Your Knowledge" without straining your budget.

I will say - the best - all encompassing certification out on the market is CompTIA's CySA+ - this will aid you landing a SOC Cyber Analyst, Threat Hunter, or other cyber jobs.

This list below will help build that knowledge and give you a better understanding of the material without slamming your bank account.

(1) UDEMY : ($22)

This course - which I applied a coupon to and brought the price down to $21.99 - would also be good to have

Google: UDEMY COUPON until you find one that works...







There may be more -- but these are the ones I found 

(2) Mosse Cyber Security Institute (contact them or try all the free stuff 1st to make sure you want to invest). ($450 - Lifetime w/ Cert & Badge)

**(3) COURSERA (**FREE) COURSE from IBM for Cyber Security Analyst

This may be worth it in the end -- do this as part of your studying .. it goes through all the tools most Blue Teams use - threat hunters  - etc

(4) Add these training courses and badges to your resume - see on YouTube - John Hammond Resume - design your resume like that !!! It's visual and better than the old way. You will get noticed!