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Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming our world.

Data Science Artificial Intelligence (AI) Machine Learning Python Programming Watson (Computer) Deep Learning Jobs Application Programming Interfaces (API) watson Data Analysis Pandas Numpy

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Taught by
Antonio Cangiano
Software Developer and Technical Evangelist
and 23 more instructors

Offered by

This professional-certificate includes these 4 courses.

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r/ArtificialInteligence • comment
1 points • AlephN0

There's this IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate via Coursera

r/GradSchool • comment
1 points • redpapoula

Hi, astrophysicist here. If I can suggest something, it would be any degree in astronomy followed by courses (MOOC, certificates etc) in computer sciences (data analysis, machine learning etc). There are many online of these and since everything is done with a computer you can easily manage from home. Some suggestions are below, all 100% by distance learning:

[Based on your dream job, I cannot recommend this highly enough] MSc. in Astrophysics (Liverpool John Moores University):

IBM Data Science Certificate:

IBM AI certificate:

Microsoft Professional Programs (many options of field):

If you already are an anthropologist, I believe a MSc. in Astro+Data Science skills would make you a very strong candidate. The first missions to Mars are being deployed in this decade, so it is paramount that we have people that understand space and the human being as well.

As the amount of data we create grow (regardless of the field of science), analyzing data is essential for people working in science. So after the MSc. I'd take some of the certificates above, or at least include some data analysis in your Master's thesis. Even if you decide not to stay in academia/research, these skills can get you to a bank or to a multinational.

I hope this helps a bit and congratulations for your baby! I wish you and your family a nice journey!