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Offered by IBM. Kickstart your career in artificial intelligence. Learn Python, build a chatbot, explore machine learning and computer ... Enroll for free.

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Taught by
Antonio Cangiano
Software Developer and Technical Evangelist
and 21 more instructors

Offered by

This professional-certificate includes these 3 courses.

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r/ArtificialInteligence • comment
1 points • AlephN0

There's this IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate via Coursera

r/GradSchool • comment
1 points • redpapoula

Hi, astrophysicist here. If I can suggest something, it would be any degree in astronomy followed by courses (MOOC, certificates etc) in computer sciences (data analysis, machine learning etc). There are many online of these and since everything is done with a computer you can easily manage from home. Some suggestions are below, all 100% by distance learning:

[Based on your dream job, I cannot recommend this highly enough] MSc. in Astrophysics (Liverpool John Moores University):

IBM Data Science Certificate:

IBM AI certificate:

Microsoft Professional Programs (many options of field):

If you already are an anthropologist, I believe a MSc. in Astro+Data Science skills would make you a very strong candidate. The first missions to Mars are being deployed in this decade, so it is paramount that we have people that understand space and the human being as well.

As the amount of data we create grow (regardless of the field of science), analyzing data is essential for people working in science. So after the MSc. I'd take some of the certificates above, or at least include some data analysis in your Master's thesis. Even if you decide not to stay in academia/research, these skills can get you to a bank or to a multinational.

I hope this helps a bit and congratulations for your baby! I wish you and your family a nice journey!

r/UKJobs • comment
1 points • solidobjects

So in terms of courses (I'll try to provide all the free/cheap ones that are from reputable places) 

Coursera - AI for everyone - this is a pretty solid first place to start 6 hour course that's free and by the creator of coursera, and should give you some more ideas of where to go next/focus your learning as it's non technical and aimed as an overview of AI and it's possibilities

Coursera IBM - Applied AI - there are more 'official' coursera courses with certifications, there are quite a few, but industry sponsored ones are best imo. There's also Google certified ones on coursera and Amazon. There's ones from universities too as well as online masters delivered through coursera, but I think if you aren't wanting to do a masters then the industry certified courses are better for employability than the shorter university courses as the industry ones are much more applied and you will produce some of your own work as part of it. I find the none masters university coursera courses are more theory based/harder to practice. There's also a ton more free courses on coursera that it could be worth you doing before committing to pay as you might find you want to specialise in say machine learning and then a more specialise certificate course could be the way forward. I believe they also offer to cover funds for the paid industry certification courses if you're unemployed for the industry certified AI specialism courses, I think you have to apply with how it will help you and that you are committed etc. - google have a shit ton of free courses, guides etc. - there's a ton of free learn to code resources, including game based learning etc. but I've found this is my favourite. They recommend you start with web coding languages, but I think for AI focus you could start with the 'scientific computing with python' if you really just want to get stuck in and then pick up tools such as visualisation later. 

There's also UK Government skills toolkit with links to various AI courses (all free) -

and the Institute of Coding has a mix of courses and guidance too  -

There's also specific courses out there depending on what you're interested in with AI. E.g. there's a really well rated one for AI in gaming AI for gaming sector

Once you learn python then there's tons of cool online resources to practice and play around and learn and build stuff - e.g. 

In terms of masters in person at UK universities then the government worked with higher ed to create a conversion masters for AI. I believe they have scholarships for people from underrepresented groups, else they can be really expensive. Here's more info.