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Below are the top discussions from Reddit that mention this online Coursera course from University of Pennsylvania.

Offered by University of Pennsylvania. Data about our browsing and buying patterns are everywhere. From credit card transactions and online ... Enroll for free.

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Taught by
Eric Bradlow
Professor of Marketing, Statistics, and Education, Chairperson, Wharton Marketing Department, Vice Dean and Director, Wharton Doctoral Program, Co-Director, Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative
and 3 more instructors

Offered by
University of Pennsylvania

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r/data • comment
1 points • 21deekay

I think this one relates directly to your need -

r/datascience • comment
2 points • beta_binomial

Fader has a very unassuming course in Coursera:

I'd follow Fader and also Daniel McCarthy (Emory Goizueta) on twitter. They often talk about CLV valuations of companies. Their company Zodiac was acquired by Nike so this stuff really works.

There's a few R packages (btyd) and python libraries out there that implement the models. You have to see which one fits your use case and go from there.

r/analytics • comment
1 points • death_vader07

Marketing analytics by Darden and customer analytics by Wharton from Coursera- the best MOOC you can find right now. You can top this with quantitative research methods. These courses will serve as a good starting point. Attaching the links here -