Введение в машинное обучение

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Не так давно получил распространение термин «большие данные», обозначивший новую прикладную область — поиск способов автоматического ... Enroll for free.

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Taught by
Константин Вячеславович Воронцов
and 1 more instructor

Offered by
HSE University

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r/russian • post
27 points • adinadin
Russian courses on Coursera

There are a lot of courses lately appearing on Coursera in Russian and with Russian subtitles, many of those by great teachers too. All of these courses are available for free. You can combine practicing Russian with studying some of the most demanded topics like machine learning and data science (there is a course for learners familiar with advanced math and programming and the rest of the courses are for beginners), economics and business or many other. There are also 3 active courses designed specifically for Russian language learners.