Unraveling the Cycling City

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Obscured by its apparent simplicity, cycling is a complex phenomenon.

Urban Planning Qualitative Research Bicycle planning Urban design

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Taught by
Marco te Brömmelstroet
Prof. Dr.
and 1 more instructor

Offered by
University of Amsterdam

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r/cycling • comment
3 points • heresToAnonymity

Oh yeah, it's a great channel! There's lots of stuff out there on cycling infrastructure, including "Bicycle Dutch" who's made some similar videos it would seem. As someone who's lived in the States for a year and currently in Spain, road infrastructure really does made a difference.

Here's something that may interest you! It's a Coursera course called Unraveling the Cycling City and looks into the history, social, political, and economic change & development of cycling infrastructure within the Netherlands. It's an absolutely fascinating course, although it does require focus and some effort! I'm about halfway through :) But yeah here it is - https://www.coursera.org/learn/unraveling-the-cycling-city. It's free too :)

r/bikecommuting • comment
1 points • DagelijksGamer

There's an online course by the university of Amsterdam about cycling cities. You can find it here. I'm going to follow it myself too.

r/bicycletouring • comment
1 points • Snikkel111

That's not very smart of me..


r/urbanplanning • comment
1 points • shawn88az