Statistics for Genomic Data Science

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An introduction to the statistics behind the most popular genomic data science projects.

Statistics Data Analysis R Programming Biostatistics

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Taught by
Jeff Leek, PhD
Associate Professor, Biostatistics
and 9 more instructors

Offered by
Johns Hopkins University

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r/learnbioinformatics • post
19 points • lc929
Coursera just opened up 7 of courses on Genomic Data Sciences from Johns Hopkins

Here's the Full Specialization.

It's going to say it costs $49 per course, but that's for the certificate - you can take any one for free.

I'm planning on joining Algorithms for Genomic Sequencing and perhaps that python class. Anyone interested in taking one or two with me?

Feel free to comment below if you're going to take anything, so we can buddy up!