Solving Algorithms for Discrete Optimization

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Discrete Optimization aims to make good decisions when we have many possibilities to choose from. Its applications are ubiquitous throughout ... Enroll for free.

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Taught by
Prof. Jimmy Ho Man Lee
and 1 more instructor

Offered by
The University of Melbourne

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r/OperationsResearch • comment
1 points • pruby

The field is pretty broad, but to my mind the key skills you probably need are around problem modelling.

I found this a while ago which at the very least would be a good introduction to modelling for numerical optimisation. - and/or work through to their more advanced courses. It's a collaboration between Melbourne and Hong Kong universities.

r/algorithms • comment
1 points • mzl

An additional benefit och using MiniZinc is that the same model for the problem can be tested with different types of solvers, including MIP solvers such as Gurobi and CP-solvers such as Google OR-tools as well as the built-in MiniZinc solvers (e.g., Gecode and Chuffed).

To get started with MiniZinc, the Coursera courses are a nice start