Site Reliability Engineering
Measuring and Managing Reliability

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Below are the top discussions from Reddit that mention this online Coursera course from Google Cloud.

This course teaches the theory of Service Level Objectives (SLOs), a principled way of describing and measuring the desired reliability of a service.

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Taught by
Google Cloud Training

and 13 more instructors

Offered by
Google Cloud

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r/devops • comment
11 points • 2fplus1

r/webdev • comment
1 points • nwss00

You don't need pure coding courses as your experience will get you up to speed quickly with whatever coding tasks thrown your way.

You need a course on often neglected but crucial topics: deployment, reliability and resiliency.

Topics such as blue/green deployment, global load balancer configuration, horizontal & vertical scaling, ensuring no single point of failure, etc...

This course by Google Cloud is very good.

r/sre • comment
1 points • ali_str

This is based on the book, with some examples and exercises:

r/sre • comment
1 points • DevAtHeart

The SLO article in the google blog is really nice - I also learned there is a Coursera course on SLOs ( - Does anyone has feedback on that one?

r/devops • comment
1 points • bodiug

I recommend doing and progress from there.