Single Variable Part 1 - Functions

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Offered by University of Pennsylvania. Calculus is one of the grandest achievements of human thought, explaining everything from planetary ... Enroll for free.

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Taught by
Robert Ghrist
and 10 more instructors

Offered by
University of Pennsylvania

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r/learnmath • post
21 points • Mayor_of_Pallet_Town
Learn Calculus 1 - Single Variable - FO FREE.

Coursera is having a FREE Calc 1 class that starts tomorrow, January 10th.

Sign on and sign up. I believe it's a 14 week course offered by a UPENN professor.


r/USF • post
5 points • swingsetmafia
Online supplemental learning tools.

So I saw a post on the front page asking people what their favorite educational youtube channels are so I figured I'd make a post on here that has a few sources that i have used in the past that helped me maintain A's in almost all my math and science classes. Feel free to add any in the comments.

Khan Academy (tons of subjects)

Michel Van Biezen(math algebra trough diff-eq, calc based physics, chemistry)

calculus experts formerly known as Integral Calc (calc and diff-eq)

Derek Owens (physics and calc)

Tyler Dewitt (chemistry)

University of Penn single variable calc (this one is very interesting. it helps you visualize and see WHY the things your taught in calc work. The videos on there will make you go "ooohhhhhh i see now" even if you've been though all the calc courses. its not on youtube and you have to make an account but its all free and very worth it if you like to have a visual understanding of the things going on in calc)

r/MLPLounge • post
5 points • Jaabi
Thread of Fitness, Daily: Out of Ideas Edition

Everyone's welcome! Welcome to Jaabi's thread of fitness, daily, that is! :D

In order to remind myself and others of keeping up with the exercise and creating a space so the people of the Plounge can discuss their routines and other exercise related things.

Here are some useful workouts you can try, which have various settings that adapt to your fitness level.

You may also want to check out:

  • /r/mylittlegym which is a community specialized for people from the MLP community to discuss their workouts! (Thanks /u/wtfhbk for the link!)

  • The /r/running FAQ ! (Thanks to /u/Seanachain )

  • 30 Day Yoga Challenge! (Thanks /u/wtfhbk !)

Also, there are three people who post these Daily Fitness Threads: /u/unluckysonofagun , /u/Zanorfgor , and myself, /u/Jaabi , so keep on the lookout for these DFTs from these guys!

Remember to let your muscles cool down a bit between work outs, you can easily replace one for the other! Remember that rest is important!

Hello, everyone! How was your day thus far? Mine's alright. Started a calculus course on Coursera and will likely finish it, given my previous exposure to calculus. I've also signed up for a computer science course and a music course, which I think will be awesome to complete! So, even though I'm not in college, I'll still be learnin' stuff, which is cool.

So, on to the... nothing. :I As the title says, I'm out of ideas for today. Sorry! No topics! Well, none except for the following.

How're you guys progressing with your exercises?

Even if you can't spice up your routines, keep up those exercises and being generally healthy, everyone!