Advanced Styling with Responsive Design

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It used to be the case that everyone viewed webpages on about the same size screen.

Bootstrap (Front-End Framework) Responsive Web Design JavaScript Cascading Style Sheets (CCS)

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Taught by
Colleen van Lent, Ph.D.
and 1 more instructor

Offered by
University of Michigan

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1 points • scratchnsniff

Hi all, I'm looking for long format, college style, CSS courses. They can be free or paid, work will cover the expenses. There's an endless supply off CSS "courses" out there, but most consist of a single video or are based around solving one discrete problem. Instead what I'm looking for is something closer to a formal college course that takes place over numerous videos/sessions, and will take weeks if not months to complete. Something that starts with the basics and works its way up.

So far I found these two courses from the University of Michigan. They're paced at 1-5 hours per week and each course is 4 weeks.

I'd love to find more like this. Any recommendation?