Using Python to Access Web Data

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Offered by University of Michigan. This course will show how one can treat the Internet as a source of data. We will scrape, parse, and ... Enroll for free.

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Taught by
Charles Russell Severance
Clinical Professor
and 13 more instructors

Offered by
University of Michigan

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r/learnpython • post
38 points • mecheunpedito
A course on 'Using Python to Access Web Data' is starting today.

The link to the course is:

It's a Basic-Intermediate level course that requires basic python syntax knowledge. Recommended for those that want to hop into big data or data visualization paths on their python learning. Enjoy!

r/learnpython • post
391 points • xAmorphous
My cousin asked me where I would go if I wanted to learn programming all over again. This was my response.

  1. Learn python:
  5. Solve challenges with Python
  7. Note: You should be able to the "Algorithms" and "Python" domains. "AI" is fun too.
  8. Learn skills with Python
  11. Get ready to build something
  12. Get a Github account -
  13. If you have an edu email:
  14. Star interesting projects! Search, discover, read!
  17. Build something!!! Ideas:
  18. I know you're in the financial world. Why not Computational Investing?
  19. Python webapps are popular. Learn DJANGO (a python framework).
  20. Raspberry Pi's are hackable little computers that can be scripted with python. Buy a Pi 2 and hack away! Build a robot
  21. Visit Hackathons!
  22. Do TOPCODER challenges. These are some of the questions that come up in technical interviews
  24. Something else! The possibilities are endless. Find something you want to do and do it!
  25. Next steps
  26. Data Science is huuuuge and it's only getting bigger. Seek out online courses for DS and do the TopCoder DS challenges.
  27. Practice more on Django or Python on Pylons. Search for webdev openings.

r/ukraina • post
29 points • Prohibi
Нові курси по Python на Coursera

Усі курси англійською + англійські субтитри!

Розпочалися (з 16.11):

Для тих, хто зовсім не знайомий з Python та програмуванням:

Основні структури даних (files, lists, dictionaries, tuples):

Використання Python для доступу до web

Планується запуск 14.12:

Основи мови SQL (використовуючи Python + SQLite3)

Усі курси - це розділи книги 'Programming for Informatics: Exploring Information'

r/learnprogramming • post
6 points • Somethingweirdhere
My journey learning data visualisation and analysis with Python

Some time ago I decided that I wanted to study and learn some Data visualisation and analysis, so I started looking for guides to teach me the essentials. I wanted to share my most helpful guides, in hopes that they will also help someone else. Please note that I am still very much a beginner :)

Introduction to python: You can skimp through this if you already know how to code in another language.


Python masterclass for beginners: This is a bit more detailed and includes making a GUI, so you won't need all of it.

If you are interested in some Computer science theory, then take a look at Data Structures & Algorithms in Python

For gathering your data from the web I recommend Python network data. Here, you will also not need everything that is taught, but I recommend learning about Regex, Networks, XML and JSON formats.

Intro to Data Analysis will teach you how to use numpy and pandas quite well, which you will always need.

And for visualisation, you can learn Matplotlib and seaborn from Introduction to Data Visualization with Python

r/AskComputerScience • post
3 points • holoaura
Preparation for Programming before Masters (liberal arts background)

Hi all -

I completed an undergrad in liberal arts but now want to move to the tech side and become a software engineer. I am considering M.S. in Computer Science programs (mainly the one with NYU Tandon) due to location and cost reasons (other suggestions welcome). I plan to use 2021 to prepare myself for a M.S. in Comp Sci and have compiled a list of courses to teach my programming. Can members here assist me by vetting this list? I understand C++ is used in a lot of programs but for now I wanted to learn Python first to dabble into the programming field. How good would these courses be in preparing me for an M.S. in Comp Sci and/or programming in general? Any revisions that you would make? Thank you

Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)

Python Data Structures

Using Python to Access Web Data

Using Databases with Python

Capstone: Retrieving, Processing, and Visualizing Data with Python

r/datascience • comment
3 points • souvikb07

Why don't you start with learning programming . It will take approximately 1-2months to reach the intermediate level. Here are the courses you can do to learn python from (Go serial wise do course 1 and then 2 and so on)

Course 1

Course 2

Course 3

Course 4

Course 5

Course 6

Course 7

r/recruiting • comment
1 points • fitgear73

I did the Python for Web course

if you've never done any coding before you might want the Python for Everyone course as a primer to the language