Data Visualization with Python

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Python Programming Data Virtualization Data Visualization (DataViz) Matplotlib

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Taught by
Alex Aklson
Ph.D., Data Scientist
and 8 more instructors

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Check out

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This course was pretty fun:

Data Visualization with Python -

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No gonna lie mate its a long journey to get to the stage where you pick up a jupyter notebook over an excel spread sheet. You need a basic understanding of python to start which can be found anywhere for free on youtube. Then look into data analysis with Pandas, numpy and some of the graphing library like matplotlib / plotly. Plenty of course online about these core libraries in python -

So after a good understanding of python and its libraries you can start making jupyter notebooks. These are something like a extremely customisable but bare-bones word document that has python programming all through it.

They take longer to do analysis than excel, painful to make graphs and all round time sink. But my god if you take the time setting them up they output some of the most beautiful documents. The impact of handing a client something that looks like a research paper with formatted equations and code throughout over an excel spreadsheet is unbelievable. Its has become a defining thing my team does now for deliverables and makes us look top shit.

As you slowly get better with them you build up a personal library of reusable modelling notebooks just like you would in excel. You get to a stage where you have all these customised notebooks where you switch the new data in add the new company logos and hit run.

Here are a couple examples of notebooks: