Introduction to Public Speaking

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Offered by University of Washington. This course gives you a reliable model for preparing and delivering effective presentations. In ... Enroll for free.

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Taught by
Dr. Matt McGarrity
Teaching Professor
and 10 more instructors

Offered by
University of Washington

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r/chile • post
11 points • pablork
Ejemplos de buenos oradores

Me puse a seguir un curso de introducción a la oratoria en coursera y estoy buscando ejemplos de buenos oradores chilenos, pero no recuerdo a nadie notable en la materia. Por lo cual acudo a la sabiduría r/chile.

¿Quién creen ustedes que sería un orador digno de mencionar?, en inglés se pueden encontrar buenos ejemplos, pero aporta más tenerlos en tu lengua materna.

r/IAmA • comment
4 points • k-uke

I can sort of relate to this too. But I'm not totally socially anxious. I'm pretty reserved and quiet, but public speaking is something I find easy.

For me, it all relates to good preparation. Good prep in terms of content and visualising how things are going to work out.

Plus I studied a great online course for public speaking. It helped with methods for impromptu presentations and speaking. I can find and link this if anyone is interested?

Edit : - great resource from some of the best universities in the world

r/Standup • post
4 points • Uberhipster
Introduction to Public Speaking online course [free to complete without a certificate]
r/jobs • comment
1 points • MysticJAC

I've taken a public speaking class in the past, and it was certainly a good place to get more practice being up in front of a crowd of people to speak and be in the spotlight. Being a TA college was more beneficial on the soft skills front though as it forced me to really listen to my students, understand why they were confused about something, and maintain the patience needed to actually get them on the right track. In both cases, the real benefit was having a regular platform that forced me to be social and present for a group of people, and in the case of teaching, I had to learn to do all of that under the pressure of people holding me accountable (i.e. if I said something wrong or steered them wrong, they would either stop coming to my tutoring sessions or call me out for it). Having opportunities to regularly practice being outside your comfort zone and being held reasonably accountable for how well you perform seem to be key to getting anything out of such experiences. Classes that are just you reading about how to be a good public speaker or recording yourself in front of a webcam to send to a teacher for grading are what I've seen from some online courses, and I don't think you're really getting much out of them. Or, at least, I'd check out Coursera ( for free classes if you just want information.

In lieu of a paid class, it might be worth looking into possible volunteer opportunities where you are teaching something you know or having to be a leader of something (like a sports coach of some sort) that really drive you to put your soft skills to the test in the real world without having to sink money into it.

r/AmItheAsshole • comment
1 points • reachkg

Fear of public speaking, also known as glossophobia is the most common fear in the world. Apparently, it affects 73% of the population. So your daughter ain't the only one. I struggled with public speaking for the longest time. But with repeated practice and cognitive restructuring, I was able to conquer this fear. And your daughter will be able to do the same.

Here are some resources I recommend:

  1. Online courses on coursera or udemy
  2. Use mobile a mobile app that gives your guided speaking lessons and a non-embarrassing way to practice. Orai is a great tool for that.
  3. Hire a speech coach
  4. Books like how to win friends and influence people

r/AMA • comment
1 points • thegreatfind_R

hey yea a good place to start even if you are just curious for now is a book by dale Carnegie called The art of Public Speaking there are also tuns of free courses online about public speaking like MOOC even youtube you can also look into learning languages (to train yourself to master the subtle differences in languages could help too) Good luck cheers