Practical Reinforcement Learning

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Below are the top discussions from Reddit that mention this online Coursera course from National Research University Higher School of Economics.

Welcome to the Reinforcement Learning course.

Next cohort starts July 20. Accessible for free. Completion certificates are offered.

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Taught by
Pavel Shvechikov
Researcher at HSE and Sberbank AI Lab
and 1 more instructor

Offered by
National Research University Higher School of Economics

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r/reinforcementlearning • post
8 points • zkid18
Practical Reinforcement Learning on Coursera by Yandex and Higher School Of Economics (Russia) Probably the first deep course about RL on Coursera.
r/learnmachinelearning • post
9 points • GrundleMoof
Does anyone know of any good Reinforcement Learning MOOCs or courses?

Hi, I'm interested in learning some about RL but I'm finding a serious dearth of options (especially in comparison to ML, DL, DS, etc). Right now I'm trying this one on Coursera, but I'm not a huge fan. The guy's accent is pretty strong, the subtitles are frequently wrong, and the assignments are a disorganized shitshow.

I also found this youtube series, but it's more like a series of lectures, and looking at a video of a projector screen from a weird angle doesn't seem ideal.

Does anyone have any they like? I've checked Coursera (which has that one and some finance-centered ones) and EDX, and found nothing.

r/deeplearning • comment
2 points • Laboratory_one

I’m taking this one right now from Coursera: Practical RL

I like the assignments but the videos dont cover go deep enough into theory for me. I’d still recommend it.

r/reinforcementlearning • comment
1 points • youknowyouareright

The best one I did was this:

Starts from the bottom, very practical oriented, with great exercises.

r/Gloomhaven • comment
1 points • OptimizedLion

Data Scientist here, but rather new with Reinforcement Learning (played a bit with Atari games via Gym and the Practical Reinforcement Learning course from HSE - ). If you want to collaborate on the project, I'll be more than happy to help.

r/reinforcementlearning • comment
1 points • last_useful_man

Well... there are cheap 'get started' books on amazon. Also, Coursera has a course in Practical Reinforcement Learning ( It is practical - thanks to OpenAI's reinforcement learning gym it's easy to get something going - but it also has some theory, and explains the various forms. That's probably the most engaging AND systematic way to learn. But Coursera is $50 / month, for however long it takes you to get through. They may have a plan for students or other people of limited means.