Natural Language Processing in TensorFlow

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Taught by
Laurence Moroney
and 10 more instructors

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r/datasets • comment
1 points • Amish_Warlord

Sounds like you want Natural Language Processing, a subset of Machine Learning. Doing it with any degree of specificity can take a whole team months of work if someone hasn't already built a model you can piggyback off of, which is why any company that you talked to had a large sticker price. Coursera is fantastic with all things Machine Learning, so this course is probably good. You might learn enough to get something done, but in all likelihood you'll need to contract a team out to do what you're asking.

r/redditdev • comment
1 points • jpf137

What he/she said. However, if you are the kind of person who likes to stick forks in electrical sockets like me, try auditing this coursera course and see if you get some boilerplate going which you can fiddle with to gain some understanding

r/LanguageTechnology • comment
1 points • stepthom
r/LanguageTechnology • comment
1 points • ColdFangs

Welcome buddy, I am more than happy to share my learning guide. Initially, It was really difficult on where to start and which course to take. Most of the courses seem to get in to the topic very fast or not clearly explaining. In fact most of the courses were like just reading from a book with no proper detailing of the concept. After multiple stumbling I found this book\~jurafsky/slp3/ . This book is up to date with clear explanations. Although it is clear, I have to search on the internet to understand better and learn more to complete the exercises mentioned in the book. This book was really helpful in understanding concepts and technical terms used in nlp.

After reading that book I wanted to get started with actual hands on. So I started this one But on first video of Week 2, I realized that without Neural networks knowledge, it is not possible to go further. Then like everyone I enrolled in Andrew Ng's After both the courses I started these 4 courses I am currently on course 2/4. These courses have lots of assignments and optional excersises which helped me to write actual code for nlp.

As of then, I have learned to use nltk and TensorFlow but there are other powerful libraries like Spacy and PyTorch are available. So I started to redo the exercises with those libraries. We cannot expertise all the libraries so trying to learn as much as I can in these. One more thing I learned is choosing correct training dataset is more important for the project.

I have started my journey at May, 2021. With in these six months I had come up to only this far. There are more things to explore. Sometimes I want to read published papers on nlp and machine learning. But I cannot understand most of it, too much maths. I guess still a long way to go.