Modern & Contemporary American Poetry (“ModPo”)

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Below are the top discussions from Reddit that mention this online Coursera course from University of Pennsylvania.

ModPo is a fast-paced introduction to modern and contemporary U.

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Taught by
Al Filreis
Kelly Professor, Dir. Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing, Faculty Dir. Kelly Writers House
and 7 more instructors

Offered by
University of Pennsylvania

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r/Poetry • post
15 points • bogotahorrible
UPENN Online Modern & Contemporary American Poetry Course [General]
r/literature • post
13 points • silly_walks_
Al Filreis of University of Pennsylvania is about to start his MOOC on modern and postmodern poetry. He's a very smart critic with some interesting things to say about poetry.
r/Poetry • post
13 points • [deleted]
Coursera Modern & Contemporary Poetry class starts this week!

I am recommending this course as a great way to understand and appreciate modern poetry. Actually, it is the best online course I have taken in any subject. I felt like it gave me superpowers - namely the ability to enjoy Emily Dickinson. I thought that was impossible as Dickinson had always caused me frustration and confusion. But now, I love Dickinson, and I have gained the ability to enjoy other more subtle authors of the modern period.

Watch the video from the first week on Emily Dickinson's "The Brain within its groove". The method of the class is close reading - a patient and detailed analysis of each phrase chosen by the author. Rather than lecturing, the professor leads a discussion between six or seven students, guiding them through a close reading. We get to see them struggle with the work, make mistakes, bring their own backgrounds into the discussion, and ultimately come to an understanding. It's far better than a lecture.

So come take the class with me! If you are a reader, you are in for pure delight. If you are a writer, you will develop new tools and deeper insights into how words relate to meaning.

Reading and understanding other people's poetry is essential to honing your craft.

r/Poetry • post
11 points • wvlurker
Is anybody else planning on taking this free class in September?
r/OnlineEducation • post
9 points • afilreis
ModPo 2014 is now officially open for enrollment. This is a free, open, non-credit, ungraded 10-week experience - which begins on September 6, 2014 [INFO]
r/poets • post
6 points • PCTamer
Free course from Coursera in "Modern & Contemporary American Poetry"
r/HistoryofIdeas • post
3 points • Qwill2
Interactive University Course: Modern & Contemporary American Poetry
r/Poetry • post
2 points • brianmshumphreys
[General] I just started watching Coursera's free course on Modern & Contemporary American Poetry. So far it's pretty solid.