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Below are the top discussions from Reddit that mention this online Coursera course from The Museum of Modern Art.

Welcome to Modern Art & Ideas.

Creativity Art History Art History Art Direction

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Taught by
Lisa Mazzola
Assistant Director, School and Teacher Programs
and 8 more instructors

Offered by
The Museum of Modern Art

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r/ArtHistory • comment
1 points • 22swans

I'm not the OP, so could be wrong, but it might be this one: It has amazing reviews - nice find OP! (4.8/5 stars out of over 4,000 ratings).

r/infp • comment
1 points • dickles

It's cool, we're all nerds down here. I've been taking this free art history course on coursera and I love it, maybe you'd love it, too. Modern Art History Class

r/portugal • comment
1 points • OnThatNote101

Felizmente, no nosso mundo moderno nada te impede de aprenderes (sem custos associados!) porque é que se considera a arte moderna arte. Olha este curso feito por um dos mais famosos museus de arte moderna (MoMa):