Using Machine Learning in Trading and Finance

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This course provides the foundation for developing advanced trading strategies using machine learning techniques. In this course, you’ll ... Enroll for free.

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Taught by
Jack Farmer
Curriculum Director
and 8 more instructors

Offered by
New York Institute of Finance

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1 points • undercoverOMSCS

Quant shops seems to be the best path/least distance from old to new.

The only angle I can think is if you have mad skillz & passion for a domain and have done something interesting, like build an autonomous lawnmower or Alexa/IoT app for yr fridge to remind you to stock up. Slightly silly examples, but only a hook, such as publication in prestigious journal, will help you "beat" a PhD in the CV battle.

Is there not something right where you are that interests you, i.e.

If you're interested:-