Chinese for Beginners

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Below are the top discussions from Reddit that mention this online Coursera course from Peking University.

Nowadays, there is an increasing number of people who are interested in Chinese culture and language.

Grammar Communication Chinese Language Speech

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Taught by
Xiaoyu Liu
Associate Professor
and 7 more instructors

Offered by
Peking University

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r/FashionReps • post
18 points • RTX96
Chinese for Beginners Course by Peking University
r/ChineseLanguage • post
10 points • 40Cows
Coursera: Chinese for Beginners (Peking University)
r/languagelearning • post
11 points • loves_spain
There's a free beginning Chinese course on Coursera starting today if anyone's interested!

Here's the link to it:

r/OnlineEducation • post
5 points • cjrobe
Beginner's Mandarin from Peking (Beijing) University Free on Coursera
r/languagelearning • post
4 points • mlysin
Free MOOC (Coursera): Chinese for Beginners
r/ChineseLanguage • post
13 points • Al-Khwarizmi
Chinese courses in Coursera

Last year I took the "Chinese for Beginners" ( ) and "More Chinese for Beginners" ( ) courses from Peking University in Coursera. I loved the teaching style and I think they were really productive for me. But unfortunately, at the time there were no more Chinese courses there (except some specialized in business Chinese, that I'm not especially interested in).

Now I have checked again, and I see there are two series of four courses: an HSK test preparation program from Peking University, but different teachers than the ones above ( ) and a Learn Mandarin Chinese specialization from Beijing Jiao Tong Univesrity ( ). So I'd like to enroll in one, but I'm undecided.

Anyone has tried any of those courses and can give a recommendation?

r/malaysia • comment
1 points • lugia124
r/ChineseLanguage • comment
1 points • FiveChairs

Are you referring to this one??

r/IndianCountry • comment
3 points • myindependentopinion

Yep, I understand what you’re saying about the free vs. pay courses. Last 2 yrs., the MOOC industry has been undergoing a radical transformation as it prioritizes on users who are willing to pay.

For learning languages, have you checked this site out? []

They don’t provide the online classes themselves; they’re an aggregator (like for travel) so they compile & point to other sites who have free classes. They list 48 language courses. I don’t know about the quality. Overall, they list over 1300 free courses; they know about free textbooks, free e-books & a whole bunch more free stuff listed on the right side of this page: []

You mentioned Chinese; IDK if you want to learn Chinese, but here’s an online Coursera Chinese for Beginners course from U of Peking that starts tomorrow; I’ve used Coursera for about 10 yrs; they’re free as long as you don’t want a certificate or specialization. []

Hope this helps!

r/ChineseLanguage • post
3 points • BlackFlatStanley
Best Coursera course?

assuming I'm an absolute beginner. I'm also gonna be taking chinese 1 this college semester, if it matters

"HSK Test Preparation Specialization" - Peking University

"Chinese for Beginners" + More - Peking University

"Learn Mandarin Chinese Specialization" - Shanghai Jiao Tong University

also would you recommend doing pimsleur alongside one of these courses?


r/NonZeroDay • comment
1 points • Hesthea

This one was free 2 months ago. Since I've already done it I can't see if it is still free or not.