Natural Language Processing

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Offered by HSE University. This online course covers a wide range of tasks in Natural Language Processing from basic to advanced: sentiment ... Enroll for free.

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Taught by
Anna Potapenko
and 4 more instructors

Offered by
HSE University

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r/learnmachinelearning • post
17 points • xord37
What are the best resources for learning NLP?


What do you think are the best resources for learning NLP (as for now)?

Please don't say the stanford course because it doesn't teach it well enough.

Python is the preferred language and if you have an experience or know some course that you think is really good, I would be glad to hear about that (I don't care if it's free or not).


So far, I thought of being enrolled in these ones:


Anyway, what do you think?

r/OMSCS • comment
2 points • slimydude

This is one that's part of a specialization I've seen recommended

r/LanguageTechnology • comment
2 points • lambdaofgod

There's only one Coursera NLP course for now...

r/computerscience • post
21 points • RGnt
Planning a course list for undergraduate self study 'degree', and would like your input.

Hello, yet another one planning on Bachelors level studies online with heavy emphasis on machine learning and data science, i've been trying to put together a list of courses for my self to complete (and get a fancy certificate for completed courses) using coursera. So far I've come up with following list:

Learn to Program: The Fundamentals and Learn to Program: Crafting Quality Code (University of Toronto - / )

Introduction to Discrete Mathematics of Computer Science (University of California, Sand Diego High School of Economics - )

Data Science Math Skills (Duke University - ) Introduction to Logic (Standford University - )

Data Structures and Algorithms (University of California, San Diego, High School of Economics - )

Fundamentals of Computing (Rice University - )

Machine Learning (Stanford University - )

Deep Learning ( - )

Software Design and Architecture Specialization (University of Alberta - )

Natural Language Processing (High School of Economics - )

Data Science Specialization - (John Hopkins University -

When it comes to math, physics and possibly electrical engineering I've considered relying purely on khanacademy to fill in the gaps I have at moment.

So here's the main question, is there something you guys/gals can see that is "wrong", is there something that's missing or just would be nice to add on top of that?

Any comments/critique/your opinions are most welcome!

r/brasil • comment
1 points • soldcron

"Repositório" dos melhores papers da área:

Esse curso de NLP é maravilhoso. Ótima introdução:

r/LanguageTechnology • comment
1 points • stepthom