Java Programming
Solving Problems with Software

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Learn to code in Java and improve your programming and problem-solving skills.

Algorithms Problem Solving String (Computer Science) Java Programming

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Taught by
Owen Astrachan
Professor of the Practice
and 3 more instructors

Offered by
Duke University

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r/learnjava • post
32 points • fatima_ali
Coursera Course: Java Programming: Solving Problems with Software Week 2: Programming Exercise: Storing All Genes - PART 3

Programming Exercise: Storing All Genes - PART 3

Alright, so I was successful in downloading this file brca1line.fa and I also placed it in my projects folder but it looks like an empty file. Some other files that were downloaded with it "brca1.fa" and "mansmall.fa", they have actual Strings in it but brca1line.fa does not have anything in it. If I try to print it, it prints nothing just blank and when I run my code on it, it returns 0 strings. Please help me out on what I should do. "brca1.fa" and "mansmall.fa" are working perfectly:

NOTE: These files were downloaded from under Quiz: Finding a Gene Zip file name was: All Example DNA Data It contains all the .fa files that I used. If someone is familiar with this course then please help.

r/WGU_CompSci • post
35 points • Aleriya
WGU CS Free Study Resources

I'm putting together a list of free resources for WGU CS students, especially for those looking to study ahead before starting the program. Please let me know if you'd recommend any resources to add to the list.

Calc 1

Discrete Math 1

Data Structures and Algorithms

Software 1-2 (Java)


Computer Architecture

r/learnprogramming • comment
1 points • -not-a-serial-killer

The Duke University curriculum uses Java and is available on Coursera. I haven't done it myself, but the Open Source Computer Science Degree is built around it.