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Below are the top discussions from Reddit that mention this online Coursera course from Google.

Offered by Google. This course covers a wide variety of IT security concepts, tools, and best practices. It introduces threats and attacks ... Enroll for free.

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Google Career Certificates

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r/cybersecurity • post
57 points • richarddeeznuts
Thoughts on Google's IT Security courses course.

Looks to be a decent course for begginers.


The IT Support Professional Certificate program is part of Grow with Google, an initiative that draws on Google's 20-year history of building products, platforms, and services that help people and businesses grow. Through programs like these, we aim to help everyone– those who make up the workforce of today and the students who will drive the workforce of tomorrow – access the best of Google’s training and tools to grow their skills, careers, and businesses.

r/Cybersecurity101 • comment
2 points • the_cyber_union

Someone just recommended some Google classes for getting into cyber security. I believe they are free. You can use it as a starting point and branch out from there. I don't know that I would jump into CTF challenges. That might make you hate the subject and think it's stupid hard. I mean it can be but it's only as hard as you make it. Choose your own adventure.

r/sharepoint • comment
1 points • Demonkey44

My husband was unemployed and learned MongoDB and Hadoop here. He’s employed now. I think many of these courses are free, but the carts cost money.

The government likes secure networks. You can sign up for their briefings.

You can add yourself to their mailing lists.

Don’t doubt yourself. If you care enough, you should be fine. Do go the Certificate pathway, though, you’ll be more marketable.