Introduction to Chemistry
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This is an introductory course for students with limited background in chemistry; basic concepts involved in chemical reactions, stoichiometry, the periodic table, periodic trends, nomenclature, and chemical problem solving will be emphasized with the goal of preparing students for further study in ...

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Taught by
Prof. Dorian A. Canelas
Associate Professor of the Practice
and 14 more instructors

Offered by
Duke University

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r/gradadmissions • post
4 points • planetbyter
Will Coursera certifications counteract the coursework deficiencies in my transcript when applying to graduate programs in Chemistry?

I am majoring in political science and I will graduate next Spring, but I am looking to get into a Masters of Chemistry program. I found a few courses on Coursera that offer certifications for the courses taken. I have been enrolled in a intro to chemistry course via Duke University. I want to get up-to-speed with basic chemistry and mathematics, and so I have decided to pursue this route. I am taking Pre-Calculus this summer, but I will also take an EdX course that offers a certificate for Calculus I.

My question is, how favorably will grad schools look at this? I have certain financial/time constraints that are working against me (which is also why I am deciding on taking Coursera courses rather than courses on campus) and I'd ideally like to be in a graduate program in Chemistry in Fall of 2020. Taking these courses on Coursera are really one of my best options at the moment, and I want to make sure that my efforts will not go to waste. Any advice would be appreciated.

r/Mcat • post
2 points • mou0512
I suck at C/P and kaplan books are NOT helping

I am a nontrad and it's been 5-6 years since I've taken C/P courses... i've been trying to read through the kaplan books and the P/S khan academy documents, but I haven't been able to retain ANYTHING. Recently, I've been seeing posts about these free online courses on coursera and I brushed it off at first, but I am on the verge of shooting myself so I checked it out. Decided to enroll into these courses and for the first time since quarantine, I'm actually kind of excited to learn! You can get through a whole module in 1-3 days. I think I saw a biochem course as well :) I hope this might be of some help to anyone that's having trouble studying right now\~

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