Intellectual Humility

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Below are the top discussions from Reddit that mention this online Coursera course from The University of Edinburgh.

We live in a polarised world where all too often people talk past each other.

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Taught by
Dr. Ian Church
and 2 more instructors

Offered by
The University of Edinburgh

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Coursera Intellectual Humility course going on now, critical for influencers
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No problem.

Two books that helped me be more objective (I still struggle with this sometimes ) when researching issues are

Intellectual Humility by Ian M Church is a good book for learning how to keep an open mind while still critically evaluating a given issue.

There is also a free online course on intellectual humility by the authors

Ego Is The Enemy by Ryan Holiday - The biggest obstacle to growth is often our own ego. Ego will keep you from even entertaining the idea that you may be wrong about something. Learn to control your ego(which is a lifelong journey) and you will be more willing to challenges your ideas