Inferential Statistics

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Offered by University of Amsterdam. Inferential statistics are concerned with making inferences based on relations found in the sample, to ... Enroll for free.

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Taught by
Annemarie Zand Scholten
Assistant Professor
and 1 more instructor

Offered by
University of Amsterdam

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r/AskAcademia • comment
15 points • needlzor

I sort of caught up with a mixture of some very good MOOCs:

And working through my own statistical problems by asking people on stats.stackexchange and other forums.

r/programming • comment
3 points • jlemien

Yes, there are many free courses that you can use to learn the prerequisite mathematics. KhanAcademy would be my first recommendation, but you can also try some of these:

Inferential Statistics

Bayesian Statistics: From Concept to Data Analysis

Inferential Statistics Intro

Bayesian Statistics

Basic Statistics

Introduction to Probability

Introduction to Linear Models and Matrix Algebra

Intro to Descriptive Statistics

Intro to Inferential Statistics

Mathematics for Computer Science

An Intuitive Introduction to Probability

Statistical Inference

College Algebra and Problem Solving