How Things Work
An Introduction to Physics

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Offered by University of Virginia. An introduction to physics in the context of everyday objects. Enroll for free.

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Taught by
Louis A. Bloomfield
Professor of Physics
and 13 more instructors

Offered by
University of Virginia

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r/uofm • comment
1 points • eeeejkljfsaf

I've taken CHEM 130 and Math 116, and I'd say it was more difficult than 130 and less difficult than 116. I was also really nervous for this class because I had never taken a physics class even in high school, so over the summer I did some of this intro physics class on coursera. It was free when I took it, not sure if it still is. I ended up an A in 150 (was 135 when I took it).

r/DivineTribeVaporizers • comment
0 points • coldforever

You might want to take a look at this

r/antiwork • comment
1 points • EmphasisKnown5696

Wifi has no effects on the human body and most forms of electromagnetic radiation that we deal with are not even remotely related to radioactivity. Consider revisiting high school physics, it's free:

r/EngineeringStudents • comment
1 points • PickUrPain123

Take a free course online!

Intro course:

For a challenge:

r/indonesia • comment
1 points • GracefulFeedback

Kebanyakan ngerjain worksheets sendirian sih. Misalnya buat matematika gua dulu SD-SMP-SMA pakai CIMT, fisika pakai buku-bukunya Yohanes Surya. Kalau ada yang enggak ngerti baru nanya.

Buat subyek lain tergantung-gantung sih. Buat sejarah gua antara lain dulu disuruh bikin timeline dan nulis esai. Buat biologi gua banyak-banyak menggambar.

Gua juga ikut kursus-kursus dari e.g. Coursera, FutureLearn. Misalnya, sebelum belajar dari buku-bukunya Yohanes Surya gua dulu ikut How Things Work terlebih dahulu. Gua juga pernah ikut Programming for Everybody.

r/Mcat • post
2 points • mou0512
I suck at C/P and kaplan books are NOT helping

I am a nontrad and it's been 5-6 years since I've taken C/P courses... i've been trying to read through the kaplan books and the P/S khan academy documents, but I haven't been able to retain ANYTHING. Recently, I've been seeing posts about these free online courses on coursera and I brushed it off at first, but I am on the verge of shooting myself so I checked it out. Decided to enroll into these courses and for the first time since quarantine, I'm actually kind of excited to learn! You can get through a whole module in 1-3 days. I think I saw a biochem course as well :) I hope this might be of some help to anyone that's having trouble studying right now\~

Intro to Psych:

Intro to Chem:

Intro to Physics: