The Holocaust - An Introduction (I)
Nazi Germany: Ideology, The Jews and the World

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The Holocaust was an inconceivable historical event, which forever robbed Western culture of its innocence. As civilized human beings, we ... Enroll for free.

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Taught by
Professor Havi Dreifuss, PhD
and 1 more instructor

Offered by
Tel Aviv University

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r/islam • post
5 points • mnsh777
Why didn’t the Jews leave Germany when Hitler was elected?

A question that has been on my mind for a while was why the Jews stayed in Germany since the election of Hitler and the rise of anti-Semitism? Why didn’t they leave? What did they tell themselves? What did they do to reduce the anti-Semitism? Did they to prove that they are good people and that they are loyal citizens of Germany?

The question has been on my mind because I see parallels. I think Muslims in the West, are becoming the "Jews" of the 21st century, so, it would be wise to learn from past experiences. Maybe for Western-Muslims to learn from it and do better job than the Jews did, or if they can’t, to notice when things are getting out of hand before it’s too late.

I googled and found that there is an online course that discusses this question. It's here.