Building Scalable Java Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud

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Offered by Google Cloud. "¨Microservices"" describes a software design pattern in which an application is a collection of loosely coupled ... Enroll for free.

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Google Cloud Training

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Offered by
Google Cloud

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r/learnjava • comment
5 points • __GreenLantern__

r/cscareerquestions • post
8 points • winteriver
Give me tips to move to bigger corporates


I have 3 years experience in .NET platform and 1 year in angular. So, I'm full stack dev. But so far I've worked with smaller companies.

I want to move to bigger corporates. I'm thinking of switching to Java and thinking of doing this coursera specialization: Parallel, distributed and concurrent programming in Java - by Rice university

And this course:building scalable microservices with Springboot and spring cloud - by Google cloud

By doing these courses will I attract recruiters?


r/etsmtl • comment
1 points • ShebangHashBang

Si j'ai a trouver un équivalent de LOG210 sur coursera, ça serait quoi ? est-ce que ça aiderait ça? ou ca?