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Offered by Google Cloud. Google Sheets is a robust, cloud-based application that empowers you to create sophisticated spreadsheets. Whether ... Enroll for free.

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r/googlesheets • comment
1 points • vanalm

I'm in the same boat... I took a really basic course on Coursera. It's for the beginner. I did learn a few things. You can watch the classes on fast pace and get through it pretty quickly. It's free if you choose to audit the class. I recommend it to people who are new to sheets.

r/PPC • comment
1 points • MaryStovall

Google Sheets has a great help section, check out the Productivity Guide and Tips tab.

There is also a Coursera sheets course for free unless you want the certificate

If you are using Excel, most things like functions are similar to Sheets. You may be using Power BI or Tableau instead of Data Studio.

Best of luck and congratulations!

r/googlesheets • comment
1 points • zero_sheets_given

If it is the same document, then yes. IMPORTRANGE is to import data from a different document.

It is easier if they are different tabs of the document:

  1. Go to Sheet2 cell B14
  2. Type the equal symbol (=) to start writting a formula. Don't press enter
  3. With the mouse, go to Sheet1 and select B82. Note how it is added to the formula on top
  4. Press enter

You should get a formula like this:


This is quite basic. I would recommend you do do this quick tutorial: